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Financial Services

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1. What does the Office of Financial Services (OFS) do?
2. Who is the Director of the Office of Financial Services (OFS)?
3. Who audits the City?
4. What is the structure of the Office of Financial Services (OFS)?
5. Where is the Office of Financial Services (OFS) located?
6. How do I contact the Office of Financial Services (OFS)?
7. Where do I pay property taxes?
8. I lost my property tax statement, how can I get another copy?
9. I need a property/business tax assessment. Whom should I contact?
10. I just got something called a Truth in Taxation statement. What is this? Is it a bill I have to pay?
11. I have questions about my tax assessment or tax value. Whom should I contact?
12. What is the Joint Property Tax Advisory Committee's (JPTAC) purpose what does it do?
13. When do I have to pay City sales tax?
14. What involvement does the City have in financing municipal stadiums?
15. What kinds of grants are available for small businesses?
16. My property taxes are too expensive for me to pay. Are there any programs that can help me get a credit or assistance?
17. Does the City offer financial assistance for rent deposits?
18. I need personal financial assistance. Can I get that from the Office of Financial Services (OFS)?
19. Who can I talk to regarding my paramedic bill?
20. I have supplied a business service to the City, and sent the City an invoice. My bill has not been paid. How can I find out when the City will pay this bill?
21. Where do I send a garnishment summons on a City of Saint Paul employee that I need to serve on the City?
22. Where do I send an employment verification for a mortgage?
23. I used to work for the City and I am trying to find out if I am eligible for a pension. Who can assist me?
24. Where do I send the release for a payroll garnishment tax levy?
25. Where can I get a duplicate W-2 for a prior year when I was a City employee?
26. What is the City's Bond Rating and what does it mean?
27. Where can I purchase bonds issued by the City of Saint Paul?
28. I found some old City bearer bonds and coupons. What are they worth and how can I redeem them?
29. Who should I speak with about a performance bonds?
30. I heard I can buy old City furniture and equipment. Is this true? How do I do it?
31. If I am a contractor doing work for the City of St. Paul, where do I send my bond and insurance information?
32. I want to do business/start a contract with the City. Whom do I contact?
33. I need a tax identification number for my business. Whom do I contact?
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