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Employment, Compensation and Affirmative Action

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1. How can I find out about available jobs?
2. Can we fill out an application or send a resume for City of St. Paul job openings at anytime?
3. How do we verify employment?
4. Do City employees receive preference?
5. How many women and people of color does the City employ?
6. What are the most common examinations?
7. What happens after I take the exam?
8. Is the City an Equal Opportunity Employer?
9. What if I need a testing accommodation?
10. Do military veterans get a preference?
11. How do I determine what the salary is for various positions in the City?
12. What type of job evaluation system does the City of Saint Paul use?
13. What is the City's internal procedure for requesting a job study?
14. What training, development, and recognition programs are offered to City of Saint Paul employees?
15. Where do I get a copy of the City job descriptions for all active City positions?

Human Resources

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1. What are the responsibilities of the HR Consulting Services Section of the Office of Human Resources?
2. What are the responsibilities of the Labor Relations Section of the Office of Human Resources?
3. What are the responsibilities of the Risk Management Section of the Office of Human Resources?
4. How do I contact the City of Saint Paul Office of Human Resources?

Labor Relations

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1. Is the City unionized?
2. When are pay increases due?
3. Whom do I call if I don't understand something in the collective bargaining agreement?
4. Who is my contact at the union?
5. How are the terms and conditions of a collective bargaining agreement created?
6. Do those terms and conditions apply to all members of the union?
7. Where can I find a copy of the collective bargaining agreement that covers me?
8. How do I file a grievance?
9. Is a Civil Service Grievance different than a grievance in the contract?
10. Where do I get a Civil Service grievance form?
11. What if the Civil Service Rules are different than the collective bargaining agreement?
12. Does Labor Relations answer questions regarding private sector employment?
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