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When can I make a reservation for a picnic shelter, pavilion or building?
Reservations for the current year are accepted the first business day in January for Saint Paul residents and in February for non-residents.
Newell Building, Como Streetcar Station, and Irvine Park can be reserved 13 months in advance for Saint Paul residents and 12 months in advance for non-residents.

Parks and Rec Facilities

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1. Who do I contact if a problem arises during my rental?
2. Can I make online reservations?
3. When can I make a reservation for a picnic shelter, pavilion or building?
4. Is there a fee to use a picnic facility?
5. Do I need a deposit to hold a picnic facility?
6. What is the latest I can reserve a picnic facility?
7. Can I use a picnic shelter if it is not reserved?
8. Who do I contact to tour the inside of a picnic facility?
9. What is the difference between a shelter and pavilion?
10. Is there electricity available at the picnic pavilions and shelters?
11. What time will the picnic facility be unlocked for my rental?
12. Can I arrive early to set up and stay late to clean up if no one is using the facility before or after my event?
13. Do picnic facilities have restrooms?
14. Which side of the Como Picnic Pavilion is closest to the parking lot?
15. How many parking permits do I receive with my Irvine Park reservation?
16. Can I consume alcohol in a City park?
17. Can I use a tent or canopy for my event?
18. Do I have to hire a caterer for my event?
19. Do I need a permit to use a fire ring?
20. How do I reserve the ball fields next to the Como Picnic Pavilion?
21. When do the park restrooms open and close for the season?
22. When do the water features at Irvine, Rice, Kellogg, and Mears come on for the season?
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