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How many hours does a firefighter work in a typical shift or week?
Following the academy, firefighter work schedules are organized around a three-shift system where each shift is 24 hours and typically work 10-11 days per month. The average work-week during a segment is 56 hours. Firefighters are required to work holidays that fall during their shift.

Become a Firefighter

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1. What apprentice training is required of a firefighter?
2. What information is checked during a background investigation?
3. Are there any age, height, weight, or medical restrictions that automatically disqualify a candidate for the firefighter position?
4. How many hours does a firefighter work in a typical shift or week?
5. Do newly hired firefighters work in the same fire station each shift?
6. What is the fire academy training program?
7. What benefits are available to a newly hired firefighter?
8. What is the possibility of being trained or employed as a Paramedic?
9. What promotional opportunities exist at the Saint Paul Fire Department?
10. How do I obtain a State of Minnesota Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certificate?
11. Do colleges offer financial aid for EMT certification?
12. How do I become a Saint Paul Firefighter?
13. How can I be notified of the next City of Saint Paul Firefighter hiring process?
14. When will the City of Saint Paul accept applications for Firefighter?
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