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Vendor Outreach Program

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1. What qualifications are needed to be certified as a Small Business Enterprise?
2. What qualifications are needed to be certified as a Minority-owned or Woman-owned Business Enterprise?
3. What is the difference between the CERT Program and the Vendor Outreach Program?
4. How long is the certification valid?
5. Where can I get additional information and an application for certification?
6. Do you honor any other business certifications?
7. What are the benefits of certification?
8. Once my business is certified, will I automatically receive bid notices?
9. Who can I talk to if I need additional information about the CERT Program or Vendor Outreach Program?
10. How do I find out about contracting opportunities specfic to CERT Program members?
11. Where can I find information about the Neighborhood Stabilization Program?
12. How long is the application review process?
13. I would like to contact the City's buyer to discuss my product or service. How do I contact them?
14. Who can I contact if I have questions about my application?
15. I need help with my application packet. Who can I contact?
16. Is there a cost to apply for certification?
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