Saint Paul Minnesota The most livable city in America.
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Blooming Saint Paul
Blooming Saint Paul is a comprehensive initiative to revitalize Saint Paul's downtown and neighborhoods through lush and colorful landscape elements and public art. It focuses on creating an attractive, safe, and healthy city where people choose to live, work and play. Investing in Saint Paul's urban environment needs to go beyond basic engineered solutions for Saint Paul to succeed in becoming the 'Most Livable City'. Through Blooming Saint Paul, the community and City departments work together to make sure greening concepts are included and promoted in key public spaces and facilities, neighborhoods and private development. These include roadways, parkways, parks, plazas, pedestrian and bicycle ways, commercial corridors and public buildings. Private developments are encouraged to retrofit existing facilities. New developments are encouraged to include greening concepts in their design plans whenever possible.

Infrastructure and development, through aesthetic and environmental solutions, create safe streets, healthy communities and quality infrastructure, and reflect the soul of Saint Paul. Studies have found that improving the urban environment through the use of attractive landscape elements positively affects neighborhoods by decreasing crime and developing stronger neighborhood relationships. Removing existing pavements and increasing green space reduce urban heat island effects and carbon monoxide, while increasing oxygen production.

Want to beautify your neighborhood?
If you are interested in beautifying your neighborhood with a new Blooming Saint Paul project, like the following, contact Mark Granlund, Arts and Gardens Coordinator at 651-632-2454 or .
    • installation of new gardens on City park property or parkways
    • major redesign and landscaping of streetscapes and public spaces
    • new building construction or street reconstruction
    • replanting existing gardens or planters
    • installation of hanging baskets
    • development of community gardens
    • incorporation of planting beds within traffic medians
    • street reconstruction
    • traffic calming initiatives
    • public art

      As of 2009, Blooming Saint Paul's seventh year, the plan encompasses 60 sites.

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