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Downhill Skiing Lessons
como feb 14,20040330_r1.jpgKinderski (Beginner Ages Four* - Six)
This popular program begins with games that get children comfortable with ski equipment and progresses to side stepping gentle terrain on skis, straight runs
with beginning turns and stops, and use of the rope tow.

*Kinderski students must be at least four years old by January 1st.

Never Evers (Beginner Ages 7 and Older*)
Students who have never skied before begin with getting around on flat terrain
and progress to sidestepping gentle terrain on skis, straight runs and beginning turns and stops, and use of the rope tow.

*Mature 6-year-olds may begin at this level.

Level 1 - (Beginner)
You are now able to use a rope tow. You improve your ability to initiate turns
and to stop on medium terrain. The fundamental skill focus is developing
techniques to turn and stop.

Level II - (Advanced Beginner)
You have mastered Level I skills and are ready to move on. You learn to link turns in both directions, control speed while turning, and skate on skis on all terrain. The fundamental skill focus is using each ski independently.

Level III - (Intermediate)
In this level, you control skis on varying terrain for turns and stops. You learn beginning Christie turns, vertical side slips, and hockey stops in both directions. The fundamental skill focus is using both the inside and outside edges of the skis.

Level IV - (Advanced Intermediate)
You already use ski edges to shape turns, so now you learn to link skidded turns in both directions, complete advanced Christie turns, and ski edge engagement in the snow. The fundamental skill focus is engaging both ski edges in the snow without skidding.

Level V - (Advanced)
You learn beginning parallel turns with correct pole usage, vertical step turns, and progress to linked parallel turns. The fundamental skill focus is rolling both skis over together to the opposite edges in the turn.

Level VI - (Advanced/Introduction to Racing)
You work on advanced parallel turns, racing techniques, carved parallel turns, and racing a slalom course with an emphasis on handling speed.

Deaf / Hard of Hearing Beginner Level
For more information, call (651) 266-6366 or TTY (651) 266-6378.
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