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How to Get a Sweep of Your Neighborhood
What Is a Sweep?

A sweep is when code enforcement inspectors look at every single property in a given area for exterior property violations. This is different from our usual operation, which is complaint-based (i.e., we get a complaint and go out to inspect). Occasionally we also do other kinds of sweeps, such as a tows sweep, with the Police Department.

Get a Sweet In Your Neighborhood
To get a sweep in your neighborhood you have to go to your District Council.

Every February Neighborhood Housing and Property Improvement meets with all 17 District Councils to set the sweep schedule for the year. We try to coordinate sweeps with neighborhood clean-up days.

After a sweep we try to get neighbors to volunteer to patrol the swept area to keep it looking good. This is known as the Good Neighbor Program. Call your District Council to participate. It doesn’t have to be just for sweep areas.

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