Saint Paul Minnesota The most livable city in America.
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About Us

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An award-winning, nationally accredited organization, Saint Paul Parks and Recreation provides an abundance of facilities, amenities, and activities for participants of all ages and abilities. Among these include: recreation centers that serve each and every community in Saint Paul, the world-renowned Como Park Zoo & Conservatory, Midway Stadium, several golf courses and aquatic venues, and hundreds of parks and athletic fields, courts, and rinks as well as hundreds of miles of trails and parkways. Saint Paul Parks and Recreation is also the proud home of Right Track, a youth employment initiative changing the face of Saint Paul, and the primary force behind the Great River Passage Master Plan, a citywide initiative created to make Saint Paul more urban, more natural, and more connected.


To help make Saint Paul the most livable city in America, Saint Paul Parks and Recreation will facilitate the creation of active lifestyles, vibrant places and a vital environment.

Vision Statement
Saint Paul Parks and Recreation will make Saint Paul the most livable city in America by:
  • Responding creatively to change.
  • Innovating with every decision.
  • Connecting the entire city.

“Our Promise To You”
The staff of Saint Paul Parks and Recreation promises to cheerfully and respectfully serve you. We will provide access to quality programs at clean and safe facilities with timely and effective service. We will listen to your suggestions and concerns and respond to the best of our abilities.

A Near Limitless Bounty of Benefits
For years, researchers from academic, medical, and park professions have documented the many benefits gained when taking advantage of leisure time. This time, marked by the freedom to choose activities of interest, may also include the participation in recreational activities, a service that Saint Paul Parks and Recreation is committed to bringing to the public. Saint Paul Parks and Recreation is also committed to providing accessible, low-cost activities that promote learning, leadership, skill development, exercise, pleasure, and relaxation.

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