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Graffiti Complaints

Police Continue to Crackdown on Graffiti


Above are examples of Art Graffiti

Graffiti vandalism has been an ongoing problem for the City of Saint Paul since 1991 with youth aged from twelve to their mid-twenties being responsible for the approximately $300,000 to $500,000 in property damage each year. The Saint Paul Police Department has taken this crime very seriously and has been very aggressive in identifying graffiti vandals, as well as arresting them for their crimes.


Above are examples of Gang Graffiti

The are basically three types of graffiti documented in the City of Saint Paul:  Gang, Art and other forms such as hate, etc...

In response to concerns from business owners, block clubs and district councils, the Saint Paul Police Department has formed the Metropolitan Task Force On Graffiti Vandalism to crackdown even harder on these crimes. The task force began meeting in 1997 in an effort to share information among all metropolitan-area police departments about graffiti vandals and to plan strategies to apprehend these criminals.

One of the things the task force has learned, is most parents have no idea their children are involved in these crimes and are not aware of some of the indicators of graffiti vandal activity.

Tips for Parents

  • Check backpacks for markers and/or spray paint, as well as sketch books, pieces of paper with graffiti “tags” on them, aerosol can caps and/or nozzles, white shoe polish and photographs of graffiti pieces/murals.
  • Check school papers for graffiti “tags” and/or sketches of murals.
  • Know who your children are hanging out with, and make sure they are home at curfew time: age 15 or younger by 10 P.M. and age 16-17 by Midnight.

If you have any questions about graffiti and the typical graffiti vandal, call the Saint Paul Police Gang/Gun Unit at (651) 266-5778.  The Gun/Gang Unit handles all the different types of graffiti, whether it is gang, art or others .

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