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Parking Enforcement Officer
Parking Enforcement Officer
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PEO – Parking Enforcement Officer


A Parking Enforcement Officer (PEO):

Ø      is responsible for enforcing statutory and/or ordinance related parking violations 

Ø      is responsible for providing parking related information to the general public

Ø      is assigned to a specific geographic area of the city

Ø      patrols the city streets, either by foot or squad car

Ø      may be assigned to special events (winter carnival, taste of Minnesota, parades etc)

Ø      may be asked to give directions to the general public, regarding specific locations within the city

Ø      may be asked to assist sworn officers with towing vehicles involved in a crime and/or accident investigation 




You must:

  • be at least 18 years old
  • be a United States citizen
  • not have any felony convictions; including pardons and/or expungements (according to Minnesota Statute 364.09) 
  • have a High School Diploma or GED Certificate
  • have a valid MN (Class “D”) driver’s license or equivalent out-of-state license, with no suspensions or revocations (suspension for parking related offenses may be excluded)
  • be in good physical condition (for information on Physical Requirements contact the Saint Paul Police Department background/recruiting office at (651) 266-5595)
  • be enrolled in a POST (Police Officer Standards and Training) approved Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice Program
  • maintain a satisfactory level of progress while in college/university and skills program
  • complete education and license requirements within the four years

Application Process:


The City of Saint Paul must have a current posting for the position of “Parking Enforcement Officer.” If you would like information on current job openings contact the City of Saint Paul Human Resources Office at:


Office of Human Resources                         Telephone: (651) 266-6500

City Hall Annex, Room 200 CHA                Saint Paul Job Openings

25 West 4th Street

Saint Paul, Minnesota 55102


Salary:                                   Parking Enforcement Officer (PEO) $29,600.00 annually


Vacation:                               1 – 4 years …………….12 days

                                                After 5 years ……….....18 days


Holiday:                                 Ten days per year


Sick Leave:                           Fourteen days per year (accrue 4 hours per week)


Insurance:                            After thirty days of employment, you and your dependents qualify for City paid contributions toward health and life insurance benefits


Promotional Rights:           After two years of employment with the SPPD you will qualify for promotional rights, which will guarantee your position in the SPPD Academy


Tuition Allowance:             The City of Saint Paul has a tuition reimbursement
                                                program.  Depending on availability, you may receive
                                                up to $625.00 per year for Law Enforcement related

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