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The Human Rights Ordinance applies to all public or private educational institutions: kindergarten, nursery schools, elementary and secondary schools, two or four year colleges, technical, business and professional schools.  The following examples of prohibited acts of discrimination are for illustrative purposes only.  In some circumstances there are exceptions that may apply:

  • Deny access to, use of or benefit from educational institution or services and facilities, except that a school operated by a religious denomination may require membership in such denomination as a condition of enrollment.

  • Fail to provide physical and program access for disabled persons; including but not limited to providing taped texts, interpreters or other methods of making orally delivered materials available.  Program access does not include providing attendants, individually prescribed devices, readers for personal use or study, or other devises or services of a personal nature.

  • Eliciting or attempting to elicit information, either through a written form or oral inquiry, or to make or keep a record that indicates discrimination against a person seeking admission.

  • To exclude, expel or take other actions against an enrolled student based on a protected characteristic of the student.

If you believe that you have been discriminated in the area of education, please contact us.  You can initiate a complaint of discrimination by filing out our online intake questionnaire, calling us at (651) 266-8966 or email us.

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