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Application Requirements

You must submit the following:
  • A completed application of the Site Plan Review Form
  • 16 copies of a site plan required - The plans must be drawn to scale and should be no larger than 15" x 24" (larger sheets should be reduced before submitting.) The sheets should be folded to 8-1/2" x 11". Electronic versions of the plan (in PDF) should also be submitted if available.
  • The required fee

Contents of the Plan

The Site Plan should show the following:

Existing Conditions
  • Existing buildings, property lines, easements, parking lots and other paved areas, sidewalks, driveways, grading, trees, catch basins, utility poles, street lights, traffic signals, parking meters, pavement markings (traffic lanes, turn arrows, etc.), surrounding fire hydrants, any fire department connections for sprinklers or stand pipes
  • Survey of existing conditions for large projects.
  • Legal description of the property
  • Location map

Site Layout
  • Proposed buildings (with entrances indicated and all other openings, windows, vents, etc.), property lines, easements, Parking Lot Layout, driveways, sidewalks and loading areas
  • Dimensions and appropriate labels
  • Traffic and pedestrian control plans (if construction will block adjacent sidewalks and streets)

Grading, Drainage, Utilities, and Erosion Control
  • Existing and proposed grading shown with two foot contour intervals and spot elevations at critical points
  • Catch basins with rim and invert elevations
  • Sanitary and storm sewers with pipe size and materials labeled
  • Ponding areas for storm water detention where required. Calculations for Storm Water Management should be shown on the City worksheet.
  • Water lines, fire hydrants, fire department connections for sprinklers or standpipes
  • Erosion control measures such as silt fences, inlet protection, rock construction entrance, and street cleaning
  • Storm Water Pollution Control Plan (for sites that disturb one acre or more)

Landscaping and Other Site Improvements
  • Existing significant vegetation by size and species (including trees in the boulevard)
  • Proposed landscaping (trees, shrubs and ground cover) identified by size and species
  • A planting list summarizing plant material used
  • Details for planting new trees and protecting existing trees
  • Fences and walls
  • Site lighting
  • Street lights, traffic signs and signals, parking meters
  • Changes to street pavement markings (traffic lanes, turn arrows etc.)
  • Signs
  • A Tree Preservation plan may be required for development in the Highwood area

Building Information
  • Building elevations
  • Height of building, type of construction, whether sprinklers are proposed
  • Location on property and distance to property lines or other structures on the property
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