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Public Tree Maintenance

The City of Saint Paul's Forestry unit is responsible for the maintenance of all City-owned trees. Monitoring the health, trimming and removal of trees on public property is Forestry's primary objective to ensure the continued health of our urban forest.

The Forestry unit maintains trees growing:
  • On boulevards
  • On park land
  • On easements behind sidewalks
  • In the public right of way of streets and alleys
  • On other municipal property

Along with the general maintenance of the urban forest, the Forestry unit takes on many other projects, including:
  • Trimming of trees on City-owned golf courses
  • Trimming & removal of trees in City-owned natural areas

Residents who wish to have additional tree work performed outside of forestry's maintenance schedule must apply for a tree permit. Most permits require a licensed tree care company to perform the work.

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