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Public Art

    The City of Saint Paul is home to over sixty-five publicly maintained sculptures and many public murals. 

    Public Art is an asset to the community, residents, and landscapes of the City of Saint Paul.  Public art provides many benefits to a community.  Art can be a focal point of a neighborhood or park; it can be a landmark or an attraction – the Peanuts Characters statues attracted thousands of people to Saint Paul to view this unique public art.  Public art can honor an event, a culture, or a person or group of people - the Czech Immigrant Memorial Gate at North High Bridge Park honors the Czech and Slavonic immigrants who lived and worked on Saint Paul’s West End.  The Chapel Site Sculpture honors a historic event.  It marks the site of Father Galtier’s Chapel of 1841, the site upon which Saint Paul was founded.

    Public art enhances public gardens and creates focal points in a landscape.  Many public art pieces in Saint Paul feature beautiful landscaping of woody and herbaceous plants.  The Henrik Ibsen statue in Como Park features landscaping of daylilies and other plant material.  Often artists incorporate plant material as part of their sculpture media, as did Craig David, the artist for the Queen of the Wandering Races found in Parque Castillo.   

    The public art in Saint Paul helps to preserve memories and history, tell stories, and signify that art is an important asset to the City and its landscapes and residents.  There are 39 pieces of public art featured in this document.  Each piece has specific importance and purpose to Saint Paul.  Enjoy these pieces of public art that are found throughout the most livable city in America.

    The City of Saint Paul works in partnership with Public Art Saint Paul, a non-profit,  to maintain, promote and exhibit public art.  Follow this link for more information about Public Art Saint Paul.

    The Public Art Program is part of the Blooming Saint Paul program.  If you have any questions about the Saint Paul Public Art Collection or about creating/installing public art on City property, please contact Mark Granlund, Arts and Gardens Coordinator 651-632-2454 or .

Public Sculpture Tour

For more information on individual sculptures, click on the sculpture's name to the left.  A map of public sculptures will be online soon!  Please check back.

Public Art Policy
Follow this link to Saint Paul's Public Art Policy, which establishes Percent for Art type of program.

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