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Off-Street Parking Code Study
Off-Street Parking Requirements for Establishments Serving Alcohol Adopted in 2012
In 2010, the City Council passed comprehensive amendments to city requirements for off-street parking.  (See below for more information) 

On May 23, 2012, the City Council adopted amendments to off-street parking for places serving wine, beer or liquor, as outlined and explained in the following documents: 

Adopted Amendments
Letter from Planning Commission to the Mayor and City Council about the recommendations 

The new amendments will take effect sometime in July 2012.  For additional information or questions, contact  or 651-266-6547.

Comprehensive Off-Street Parking Requirements Approved in 2010

This text shows what changed during the 2010 amendment process (Underlined text is new and text with strikeouts has been deleted.)  A clean version of the new code for off-street parking is in the process of being added to our online Citywide code document and will be available in the coming months.  In the meantime, please use this document, which contains the new legal requirements for off-street parking in the City of Saint Paul. 


The City’s zoning code regulates the number of off-street parking spaces that must be provided when establishing or expanding land uses and the associated parking lot design.  Saint Paul, like many cities across the United States, revised its off-street parking requirements to better support and create vibrant mixed use communities of residents and businesses that look great, are livable, and respect the environment.   

The City of Saint Paul’s last comprehensive evaluation and update to its off-street parking regulations was in 1992.  Since that time, the City had changed.  The off-street parking requirements did not match the changing urban form of Saint Paul, account for alternative transportation modes, or facilitate fluid transitions on our commercial corridors.  The recently adopted Saint Paul Comprehensive Plan called for parking policy changes to reflect new priorities for land use, transportation, housing and environmental quality.     

Study Process


In May 2009, the Saint Paul Planning Commission initiated a zoning study to consider amendments to Saint Paul’s off-street parking requirements and design standards. After extensive review and discussion, City staff prepared a set of DRAFT revisions to the City's off-street parking requirements and related code.  These were released for public comment and feedback during a set of public and stakeholder meetings in October and November 2009.    Based on the input received, additional changes were made.  DRAFT amendments to the City's off-street parking requirements and related code were made available for formal review and comment prior to the public hearing at the Planning Commission on January 22, 2010.  The public comments were considered by the Planning Commission and additional revisions to the parking code may be made prior to recommending it to the City Council for public hearing and adoption

The Intention of the Revised Off-Street Parking Code Revisions
  • Better align parking requirements with demand to reduce oversupply and undersupply of parking
  • Balance the interests of residents, businesses, institutions, government, and customers
  • Encourage development / redevelopment / reuse
  • Simplify the City’s off-street parking code for ease of interpretation and implementation
  • Encourage efficient land use and reduce blight
  • Support multi-modal transportation options
  • Increase environmental stewardship

The proposed revisions to off-street parking requirements did NOT address:

  • Parking deficiencies for existing businesses or properties
  • Downtown parking
  • Central Corridor Parking Management (separate study)
  • Parking demand management tools, e.g., permit areas, meters, enforcement 

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