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Invest Saint Paul Priority Grants: Round 2


On December 1, 2009 the Saint Paul Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA) requested grant proposals from non-profit community based organizations to help neighborhoods address challenges resulting from foreclosures and disinvestment in specific areas of Saint Paul. 

The funding goals of the grant program are to:

  • Build upon work previously undertaken in ISP/NSP areas, including efforts that were funded with the first round of ISP funding
  • Complement future ISP and/or NSP investments and position neighborhoods to maximize the benefits from those investments
  • Build upon and strengthen community assets
  • Address challenges and mitigate deficiencies resulting from foreclosure crises and chronic disinvestment
  • Increase property values and enhance curb appeal
  • Combat unemployment and underemployment
  • Engage the community including neighborhood youth
  • Strengthen collaborations with community partners including other non-profit, for-profit, public, and/or private entities
  • Leverage additional financial resources and promote investment
  • Undertake efforts that are sustainable and produce long-term impact

Applications were due on December 21, 2009 and on January 28, 2010 the HRA awarded $600,000 to 15 grantees.

Below are the names of the grantees and the titles of their projects:

Grantee       Project Name
 District 2 Community Council, Inc.  Parkway/Greenbrier NSP 
 Dayton's Bluff District Four Community Council  Community Outreach Program for Engagement
 Payne/Phalen District Five Planning Council   Payne Maryland Outreach Project
 District 6 Planning Council   Invest Saint Paul Continuation
 Thomas-Dale/District 7 Planning Council, Inc.   Family Support Partnership - Jackson School
 The Summit-University Planning Council   Family Support Partnership - Maxfield School
 Dayton's Bluff Neighborhood Housing Services   Dayton's Bluff/Railroad Island Invest St. Paul Implementation
 East Side Neighborhood Development Company   Case/Payne Urban Greenewal
 East Side Neighborhood Development Company   Case/Burr Community Pride
 Minnesota Multicultural Media Consortium, Inc.   Invest Saint Paul Outreach
 Neighborhood Development Alliance, Inc.   Credit and Bankruptcy Counseling
 Riverview Economic Development Association   Engaged, Maintained and Thriving Streets!
 St. Paul Youth Services   Ambassador for Youth Academy
 Selby Area Community Development Corporation   Rebuilding Our Communities (ROC) Coop Housing Development
 Sparc   Healthy Homes and Streets
 West 7th/Fort Road Federation, Inc   Smith Neighborhood Development


Request for Proposals
Attachment XX - Area Map

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