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Recycling & Solid Waste Program Assessment
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Help shape the future of waste management in St. Paul - Share YOUR ideas!

The City of Saint Paul and our partners - Eureka Recycling, district councils, Ramsey County - have long provided a high-quality, innovative, and cost-effective recycling program to residents. For 25 years, our recycling program has minimized costs to residents while expanding recycling opportunities and maximizing environmental benefits.
Mayor Chris Coleman and City Council Members are committed to adding materials such as organics and other plastics to our recycling program, as well as to making other changes in the future. However, it is important that we step back, do our due diligence and assess a 25-year-oldprogram.  
With that in mind, city staff will be working with City Councilmembers, neighborhood organizations, community members and other partners to evaluate the current program and to make recommendations for improvements. 

Visit Recycle it Forward

Here is your first opportunity to participate in the decision making process.  Visit Open Saint Paul - a new, online platform designed to engage citizens in a conversation that will harness your input on important issues.  The comment period is closed using Open Saint Paul but you can read what your neighbors have contributed.

If you have questions or comments, please contact:
Kris Hageman, Environmental Coordinator, 651-266-8866 -

Anne Hunt, Environmental Policy Director, 651-266-8520 -
See project timeline                                                                                                       Updated 7/11/13

Greening Your Gatherings

If you are hosting a graduation party or other celebration this spring or summer, consider ways you can minimize the trash this bash will create. You can even borrow containers to collect recyclables  from Ramsey County! Hosting your party at a City of Saint Paul Regional Park or Pavilion, recycling containers are available for your use.
Iclear stream container.jpg
Information you need to reserve containers
Information on greening your gathering

      The City of Saint Paul partners with Eureka Recycling to provide recycling services for all residents. 

      Curbside Recycling is collected weekly, Monday through Friday depending on which neighborhood you live in. See the 
      Residential Curbside Collection Days Map for details.

      sorting guidelines for details.

      Please have your materials set out at the curb no later than 7 a.m. on your collection day.

      Curbside Recycling Bins
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      Your neighborhood District Council offices have a supply of  new or replacement bins.

      Find District Council maps and contact
      information here.

      Bins are free, stop by and pick one up. 
       curbside bin with wheels.JPG  FREE wheel kits available at District Council offices.

      Apartment Recycling
      Most Saint Paul apartment buildings with eleven or more apartment units provide a central recycling area with large recycling carts for use by all residents.
      sort your recycling into the labeled carts provided on any day.

      Buildings with ten or fewer units are provided with curbside recycling services.

      If you don't have recycling service at your building, you can
      set it up today!
      In the meantime, you can take your recycling to Saint Paul's 
      recycling drop-off center at 309 Como Avenue. (Como & Minnehaha).

      Recycling Drop-Off Center
      Saint Paul's recycling drop-off center is managed by Eureka Recycling and hosted by Veolia Environmental Services.

      Residents and small businesses can bring sorted recyclable materials to the drop-off for free.  For a complete list of acceptable materials, hours and location, go to:
      recycling drop off center page.

       drop off center bins and gate.bmp 309 Como Avenue (Como & Minnehaha),
      Saint Paul, MN 55103
      8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.,
      Saturday- 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
      Closed Sundays and holidays.

      Recycle your pizza boxes!
      Pizza boxes now accepted in the City of Saint Paul recycling program and can be placed in your paper recycling bin or container.
        • Only cardboard takeout/delivery pizza boxes should be included. This does not include frozen pizza boxes you would get at the grocery store.
        • Please remove any plastic spacers, aluminum foil, or waxy paper sheets or trays that came with the pizza.
        • Pizza boxes should not be set out with recycling if they are heavily caked with cheese or grease.

       Yard Waste Disposal  
      Depositing any material  (i.e. leaves, trash, dirt) from the boulevard or private property into the street is prohibited.    Municipal City Code   
          Keep leaves out of lakes and rivers by keeping them out of the streets and away from storm drains.  Check out these Yard Care Tips

          Ramsey County provides free yard waste drop off sites for yard waste disposal  within the City of Saint Paul. Sites are open year round. Locations & Hours
          There is a new bag in town.  Check out this quick video about the Compostable bag law in effect.  new bag video.

            Green Gatherings 

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            Are you hosting a party, graduation open house or bringing family  together for a celebration?  If so, try to find "your shade of green". 

            There are many ways to minimize waste, recycle more and reduce your environmental footprint when hosting a gathering. Visit the Green Gathering link below to find planning guides, tips, case studies, helpful links, and more to help you get started with going green at your next event.
            Green Gatherings  is a guide that helps you plan events of all sizes with just the right "shade of green". 



             ComeCln web.jpg This program is working to create safer and more livable community environments throughout the City of Saint Paul. 

            The  ComeClean! Program is working to engage community members to help address litter issues, abandoned wastes, problem material disposal and more.


            Is litter an issue in your neighborhood?   Do you have an afternoon or a few hours 3-4 times a year to help improve the area where you live or work? 

            The City of Saint can help you clean things up!

            For detailed participation information, visit : Come Clean!

            Thank you Adopt-a-Container Sponsors!
            Byerly's  o  Taco Bell (Suburban Ave.)  o  Corner Express Foods  o   Greater East Side Neighbors  o  deZinnia, Inc.  o  World of Wireless  o  God's Closet  o  Little Bohemia  Neighborhood Association  o   The  Gateway Garden Team  Scenic Hills Shopping mall  o  Western District Police Station  Pawn America  o   

            Thank you Adopt-a-Block Sponsors!
               B. Beese Family  o  Ande DeGolier  o  Jean Hendrickson  o  Phi Alpha Delta - William Mitchell  College of Law  o  Eric Singer  o  Boys Totem Town
            Community Clean Up Events

            Clean Up Events are held May through October each year.  Community Clean Up Events calendar.  These events are a great opportunity to recycle and dispose of unwanted household items.  There are great re-use areas too.  Volunteer at your next neighborhood event!

            Your community clean up experience,
            watch here!

            Citywide Annual Clean Up Event

            Macalester-Groveland Composting Pilot Project

            Eureka Recycling, our non-profit zero-waste partner, completed the Composting Pilot in February, 2011. Homes in the three small project areas received detailed information about why composting organic waste is important, how to's about backyard and vermicomposting, how to reduce the amount of food waste from the home and comprehensive collection/drop off opportunities. Food scraps and other compostable materials were collected through a drop-off location, by a recycling truck, or by a bicycle pulling a trailer.

            City of Saint Paul officials await a report and recommendations from Eureka Recycling regarding the possibilities for a citywide organics composting program. 

            Learn more about the project.

            Macalester Groveland neighborhood residents Organics Drop off Site

            Watch the Press Event Video to learn about goals and project partners.  

              Calendar of Events

            View the  Calendar of Events to see a variety of upcoming and annual environmental workshops, and events. 


            The Guide to Recycling in Translation:

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      Recycling collection





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