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Similar to the City of Saint Paul, the Minnesota Department of Human Rights and the City of Minneapolis Civil Rights Department also monitor contractors' affirmative action and equal employment opportunity efforts when State of Minnesota or City of Minneapolis funding is involved. 

Note: The City of Minneapolis and the State of Minnesota require the submission of an entire Affirmative Action Plan.  The City of Saint Paul only requires the submission of the Affirmative Action Program Registration and that a vendor maintain the entire Affirmative Action Plan in the vendor's office for inspection, should there be an onsite visit.

Reciprocity Process
If a vendor is already registered with the City of Minneapolis or the State of Minnesota, the required paperwork for the City of Saint Paul would include:

  • The first 4 pages of the City of Saint Paul Affirmative Action Program Registration 
  • A copy of the State of Minnesota Certificate of Compliance or a City of Minneapolis Registration letter
  • Copies of the worksheets submitted to either the State of Minnesota or the City of Minneapolis that capture the vendor's workforce (i.e., Employment Data form, Utilization Analysis, Goals and Timetables, and Utilization Goals for People with Disabilities)

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