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Project Labor Agreements
St. Paul City Council Resolution 09-584 adopted June 3, 2009 requires the City of St. Paul "to consider the use of a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) on all building construction, parks or public works projects involving a City contract with $250,000 or more in city money." 

A city department that plans to undertake a project, that meets the PLA project threshold, shall submit the matter to the City Council for a decision on whether to use a PLA for the particular project. 

What is a Project Labor Agreement?
A Project Labor Agreement is a type of multi-employer, multi-craft, pre-hire collective bargaining agreement between organized labor and contractors that covers terms and conditions of employment for construction employees on a particular construction project.

Who do I contact regarding Project Labor Agreements?

When the city is considering using a PLA, "interested parties" shall be given notice of the matter and allowed to respond. HREEO maintains a list of "Project Labor Agreement Interested Parties." For questions related to the PLA Interested Parties list, contact 651-266-8900. 

For questions regarding a specific Project Labor Agreement, please contact the applicable City of St. Paul department and project manager for more information.

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