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2010 Comprehensive Planning Committee

Date  Agenda  Packets
 4/20/10      4/20/10 Agenda  Zoning Map Report
 4/6/10  4/6/10 Agenda
Zoning Map Format Amendment Report
Zoning Map Format Amendment Resolution
 3/9/10  3/9/10 Agenda
Staff memo 3.9.10
Proposed Off-Street Parking Code Amendments
Revisions and Rationale Table - Parking Code Amendments
DRAFT PC Resolution - Parking Code Amendments
2/16/10 Agenda
Mixed-Use Corridor Map
Revised Parking Code -- Off Street Parking Requirements
Revisions and Rationale Table
CPC Staff Memo
Gregg Reese Memo
Gregg Reese Memo 2
4th Amendment
4th Amendment - Maps
2/2/10 Agenda
Met Council Review of Comp Plan
Response to Off-Street Parking Requirement Comments
 7/13/10      7/13/10 Agenda     GIS Official Zoning Map Report
 8/24/10      8/24/10 Agenda     St. Paul Neighborhood Redevelopment Project Area - 5th Amendment
 to the Redevelopment Plan

 Currency Exchange Zoning Study
 9/7/10      9/7/10 Agenda  Currency Exchange Zoning Study
 Currency Exchange Zoning Study Resolution
 Alternative Financial Establishments_AvailableAreatoLocate - Map
 Central Corridor/Traditional Neighborhood Zoning Study Memo 
 Draft Zoning Text Amendments
 Existing Zoning Map
 Proposed Zoning Map
 Proposed Schedule for Planning Commission and City Council Review
 Summary Table of Existing & Proposed Requirements in Traditional
 Neighborhood and Industrial Districts
 List of Summer 2010 Community Meetings 
 Planning Commission Resolution #07-58
 11/30/10      11/30/10 Agenda      Staff memo - Jess Rosenfeld & Christina Morrison
 Infill Station Area Plan Summaries
 Western - Station Area Plan
 12/14/10      12/14/10 Agenda  Written Testimony
 Testimony Summary
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