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Complete Streets Plan
The City was awarded a TIGER II planning grant from the US Department of Transportation to develop a Complete Streets Plan that focuses on creating tools to implement complete streets policies. More information on these policies can be found here: 

City of Saint Paul Comprehensive Plan: Transportation Chapter
City of Saint Paul Complete Streets Resolution
State of Minnesota Complete Streets (external)

The Complete Streets Plan consists of the implementation tools outlined on this page.

Street Design Manual
The City of Saint Paul is currently developing a Street Design Manual to illustrate street design best practices and to implement adopted complete streets policies. Complete streets policies require that the needs of all street users, of all ages and abilities, be considered in the process of street design. The Manual will streamline the City’s internal street design processes by developing a toolbox for street design and by providing a clear framework for street design processes.

The City held a workshop, on August 28, 2012, with the Transportation Committee of the Planning Commission, District Council staff, and a multidisciplinary team of City staff to guide the content and goals of the Street Design Manual. Several events related to the Manual will be taking place in 2013.

draft outline and sample page were presented to the Transportation Committee of the Planning Commission on January 29, 2013.

There will be a photo contest to collect local images for the Manual and a “Better Block” event was held in June 2013. Additionally, a variety of different Pilot Project workshops focusing on using the manual to implement complete streets projects will take place across the city.

Photo Contest
The City of Saint Paul is holding a photo contest open to all amateur and professional photographers. The City will be seeking great photos of Saint Paul street elements (sidewalks, benches, public art, crosswalks, bike racks, etc.) with people using and enjoying them. Winning photos will be published in the Saint Paul Street Design Manual to illustrate street elements and amenities in Saint Paul. 

Street Design Manual - Photo Contest Information (photos due August 1, 2013)
Photo Contest Press Release

Better Block on East 7th Street
A “Better Block” event was held on June 8, 2013 on East 7th Street between Margaret and Arcade Streets. The Better Block event builds on the “Make it Happen” initiatives of East 7th, and will illustrate the City of Saint Paul’s Street Design Manual by temporarily transforming an existing block into a “Complete Street”, with walkable and bikeable amenities and pop-up businesses. For more information visit:
Better Block Video

Pilot Projects
Several pilot projects will be completed in 2013 as part of the Street Design Manual project. The pilot projects will consist of a workshop focusing on a particular street, intersection, or area, and will result in a preliminary design with prioritized street improvements. Projects will be selected from identified in completed citywide or neighborhood plans and studies. The goals of the pilot projects are to test the Street Design Manual in a workshop setting to create an opportunity to refine it before it is finalized, and to advance complete streets design in a variety of locations throughout the city.

Lynnhurst Pilot Project
The City of Saint Paul held a workshop to prioritize potential street improvements along East and West Lynnhurst Avenues and Iris Place. A Metropolitan Council Livable Communities grant was awarded to the City to improve pedestrian and bike connections between Episcopal Homes, the Green Line LRT Fairview Station, and the neighborhood. This was the first complete streets pilot project held by the City of Saint Paul. Additional project information to come.

Cretin Avenue Pilot Project
The City of Saint Paul is hosting a street design workshop for Cretin Avenue on August 22, 2013 from 3:30 - 8:30 p.m. at the Merriam Park Recreation Center. This workshop is part of the process of creating the Street Design Manual and will look at Cretin Avenue, between Marshall and I-94, as a pilot case. The bus stops on the west side of Cretin are difficult to access due to traffic volumes, speeds, and the crossing distance of the street itself. What specific improvements would help create a more balanced street? This workshop will help the City and neighborhood prioritize improvements, and provide material to help find funding down the line.

This five-hour workshop will bring together City staff, neighbors and other stakeholders, and will include presentations, a walking tour of the area in question, and a design and prioritization exercise. The workshop is open to the public. To RSVP, or for any questions, contact City Planner Michelle Beaulieu at or 651-266-6620

Assessment Report and Action Plan

The assessment report will make recommendations based on a review of existing street design processes and multimodal gap analysis to be summarized in a report by City staff to the Transportation Committee. The action plan will include the results of the pilot projects; recommendations to improve the street design process in Saint Paul. This report will help to refine the complete streets design process for the city, and will also be an educational tool that provides examples of the principles of balancing transportation modes as applied to specific streets to create complete street designs.

For additional information, email Anton Jerve, or call 651-266-6567.

This material is based upon work supported by the FHWA under TIGER II Cooperative Agreement No. TDG-II-P-28. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this publication are of those of the Author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the view of the FHWA.

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