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Ward 5 Update Archive

March 2012
-Ward 5 Featured Artist: Helen Bond
-Announcing Ward 5 Community Office Hours
-District 6 Annual Meeting and Elections
-Emerald Ash Borer
-Westminster Apartments
-Cayuga Project

April 2012
-District Council Elections
-Lexington Bikeway and Bridges
-Maryland Avenue Construction Update
-Poverty in Saint Paul
-Energy Smart Homes
-Community Office Hours

May and June 2012
-Connect with Ward 5 on Facebook and Twitter
-Maryland and Rice Construction
-Como Pool Opening
-Hmong Sports Festival
-Rice Street in Bloom
-Payne Phalen Elects New District 5 Council Members
-Business Sign Regulations
-Resources for Businesses and Homeowners
-Ward 5 Featured Artist: North Dale Rec Check
-Community Office Hours

July and August 2012
-Neighborhood Festivals and Events in Ward 5
-Rice Street Festival
-National Night Out
-Maryland Bridge at I-35E
-Westminster Court Apartments Condemned
-Volunteers of America and Jackson/Arlington Industrial Development
-Vote for ESNDC
-Community Office Hours

September and October 2012
-2013 Budget
-I-35E/Cayuga Project
-Spotlight on Railroad Island
-District 10 Annual Elections
-Community Office Hours

December 2012
-2013 Budget Approved
-Railroad Island Holiday Party and Food Drive
-McDonough Rec Center
-Neighborhood Representation in the District Councils
-Community Office Hours

March and April 2013
-CIB Proposal for Central District Police Station
-Seeking Neighborhood STAR Applications
-Hail King Boreas
-Funding for Home Repairs
-Recycle It Forward
-Ward 5 Featured Artist: Mica Lee Anders
-District Council Boundary Change Moves Forward
-Community Office Hours

May and June 2013
-Will Howell Joins the Ward 5 Office
-Construction Season in Ward 5
    -Wheelock Pkwy Bridge
    -Westbound Maryland Bridge
    -Maryland Ave. Mill and Overlay
    -Maryland Ave. and Arkwright Intersection
    -Xcel Energy Gas Pipeline Replacement
-Trout Brook Nature Sanctuary Breaks Ground
-Central District Police Station Public Hearing
-Funding for Home Repairs
-Community Office Hours

July and August 2013
-Share ideas for St Paul's Budget
-Ward 5 Featured Artist: Jonathan Gaetke
-Ward 5 Festivals
-Construction Update
-Ground Breaking Trout Brook Nature Sanctuary
-Rice Street Banners Coming Soon
-National Night Out
-Community Office Hours

Fall 2013
-Railroad Island Spotlight-A Resonse to Violence
-Maryland Ave. Development
-Streetcar on Rice Street?
-Como Curb Clean-Up
-Community Office Hours

Winter 2013-2014

-New Community Office Hours Schedule
-2 Year Review

Spring 2014
-Featured Artist Margi Grill
-Spring Cleaning Opportunities: All In Recycling Changes; Citywide Clean-Ups; Call It In!
-Money for North End Home and Business Improvements
-Dale Street Traffic
-Its Bike Month
-Saint Paul Youth Intervention Initiative
-Community Office Hours

Summer 2014

-Como Lakeside Pavilion: Community Input Sought
-North End Business Development Program
-Payne Ave. Re-Design
-Scrap Trucks Can No Longer Park in (Residential) Neighborhoods
-John and Mary Thomke Named Rice Street Festival Parade Grand Marshals
-Ward 5 Featured Artist: Your Enchanted Florist

Fall 2014
-Historic Como Pedestrian Bridge Renovation Begins
-Rolling Hills Major Renovation
-Join a City Board or Committee
-Rice Street Safety

Winter 2014-2015
-2015 City Budget Passed
-Como Dockside LLC to Manage Lakeside Pavilion
-Turn-around at Wilder Rec
-Meet Me at Office Hours
-Ward 5 Featured Artist: Tom Blanck

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