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Everything you need to know about parking in Saint Paul.

Citywide Parking Meter Replacement Project

The City of Saint Paul  has begun work to install new parking meters throughout the city. New multi-space meter pay stations and space markers will be installed in much of downtown, while new single-space meters will be installed in the other areas.

Along with the meter installation, all downtown signage will be refurbished. City staff has extensively reviewed the existing parking signage, and will be simplifying parking restriction signage and more clearly identifying where parking is prohibited.

Project Updates

With a few construction related exceptions, all parking meters in the downtown area have been replaced with either the new multi-space system or with updated single-space meters. You can now use the new City of Saint Paul Parking Cards throughout downtown. Drop by the 8th floor of 25 4th Street West or 899 Dale Street North to pick up a card today!


Meter installations have been completed in the downtown area south of 7th Street and west of Cedar Street north of 7th. Installation is expected to be completed in the remaining area of Downtown in November. Once downtown is completed, crews will move to the Capitol area.

Pay station installations have crossed 7th Street, as 3/4 of the planned pay-by-space system has been implemented. City crews have installed new single space meters in the Capitol Region on Cedar & Robert.

The first new single-space meters have been installed on the east side of Wabasha north of 4th Street and on the south side of 6th west of Robert Street. These new meters will accept quarters, dollar coins, and the new parking cards. The new meters just north of 4th Street on Wabasha feature red heads, which indicates that a rush hour ban is in effect for those spaces.

As more and more blocks are converted to the new meter system, more people will use the pay stations to pay for parking. The City of Saint Paul has released a video to give an overview of the new system, and to explain how to use them.

- More than a dozen blocks are actively using the new pay-by-space system in the Rice Park/City Hall area. City crews will continue to install new signs and space markers as the conversion to the new system spreads across Saint Paul. City of Saint Paul staff are monitoring the operation of the new meters to identify and resolve any issues users of the new meters are experiencing.

- The first new pay station has been activated on the west side of Wabasha Street between Kellogg Boulevard & 4th Street following the installation of the new space markers and signs. Several parkers have successfully paid for their space and left for their destinations. Look for the new system near Rice Park in the coming days. We've uploaded the Project Progress Map which will be continually updated to show the current status of the project.

7/31/2012 - As you may have noticed, several multi-space meter pay stations have been installed near City Hall, the library, and Rice Park. The pay stations are waiting for the space markers to be installed before they go on-line. Continue to pay at the single-space coin meters as long as they are in place, it won't be time to pay at the pay station until the single-space meters are removed.

- City crews have been installing concrete foundations for the new multi-space meter pay stations. The city has also received the first order of pay stations. Expect to see the new pay stations appear near Rice Park soon!

Multi-Space Meter Pay Stations

calesquare.pngFor step-by-step instructions on using the new multi-space meter pay stations, take a look at our informational flyer.
Project Maps

CONS1.jpgCheck back frequently for updates and to view our Project Progress Map.
Parking Cards

ParkingCard.jpgPreloaded Parking Cards will be accepted at all City of Saint Paul parking meters when the meter implementation project is complete. For information on where to buy and how to use parking cards, read our Parking Card Guide.
Frequently Asked Questions

What is a multi-space meter? Where can you reload a parking card? Why are some meters painted yellow or red? Find the answers to these and many other questions in our Metered Parking FAQ.

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