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Why do we recycle?
By choosing to recycle, we reduce consumption of fossil fuel, create jobs in Minnesota, conserve natural resources and create environmental benefits.
  • Since it takes less energy to manufacture products from recycled materials than it does to manufacture the same product from virgin (new) materials, recycling decreases demand for fossil fuels and increases our energy independence.
  • Recycling contributes to our economy -- approximately 20,000 jobs in Minnesota are supported by the industry. These jobs pay an estimated $760 million in wages and add nearly $3 billion to Minnesota's economy.
  • Recycling, and buying recycled products, helps keep Minnesota's lakes and rivers clean. Manufacturing products from recycled materials generates less water pollution than manufacturing from virgin (new) materials.

Your individual recycling efforts do make a difference! Learn more about why you should recycle and
the affect your actions have by visiting Recycle More Minnesota’s
Why do we recycle? page.

What happens to the stuff we recycle?

Curious what happens to the materials you set out or drop off to be recycled? Take a peek behind the scenes at a recycling collection facility, meet Minnesota manfacturers who create new products out of recycled raw materials, and see the wide variety of everyday products that contain recycled content for sale right in your neighborhood.
Check out the video Recycling Works for Minnesota to learn
 about what happens to our recyclable materials once it leaves the curb or drop off center. 

Recycling Association of Minnesota Resources:

Aluminum Recycling Fact Sheet  (pdf)
Glass Recycling Fact Sheet  (pdf)
Paper Recycling Fact Sheet  (pdf)
Plastics Recycling Fact Sheet  (pdf)

Plastics recycling information
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