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Shepard Davern Area Planning and Zoning Study
Shepard Davern study area
The Shepard Davern area is located at the southern end of West Seventh Street in Saint Paul. Just over the river from the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport, this area is a truly mixed-use district with high density housing, commercial buildings and industrial uses all within close proximity. The area is adjacent to the Mississippi River and Crosby Farms Park as well as the Highland bluffs as well, providing natural amenities for residents.

With these unique resources, the Shepard Davern area is important to the landscape of Saint Paul. In 1999, a small area plan was written for the area, and zoning overlay districts and a sign plan were put in place to help guide development. In 2005, the area was called out in the Highland District Plan as an important commercial district. The current study will examine existing tools and plans for the area, and put forward updates for the future of Shepard Davern.

As seen in the image above, the Shepard Davern study area starts at the west with the Highway 5-West Seventh Street Bridge, following Shepard Road east to Homer Street, north to West Seventh Street, west to Saint Paul Avenue, west to Edgcumbe Road.

Zoning Study of Shepard Davern Area

A zoning study for the Shepard Davern Area is underway!  We are in the early review phase,  discussing potential rezonings with property owners and the community.  Formal proposals for rezoning, informed by community and property owner input, will go to the Saint Paul Planning Commission for review in late summer and early fall.

The following materials provide more information on the zoning study:

Community Task Force

A task force has been appointed at the recommendation of the Planning Commission, to develop recommendations for the study area. The task force is comprised of residents, business owners, and non-profit representatives from the area, and will be meeting regularly through 2013. Meeting summaries and future meeting dates will be posted on this webpage.

Task force meetings are open to the public. Meetings are held at the Jewish Community Center at 1375 Saint Paul Avenue, from 4-6 PM. For more information please contact Michelle Beaulieu at 651-266-6620 or .  

Meeting #1
March 13: Introductions and Kick-Off
Agenda; Presentation
At the first meeting of the task force, the group did introductions and talked about their backgrounds and interests. The task force role was discussed, as well as expectations for future meetings. Staff gave a presentation reviewing planning projects in the area. A draft work plan was discussed, and the group was asked to complete a SWOT (Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats) assignment to further refine the work plan, and to set forward issues to review at an upcoming community meeting.

Meeting #2
April 10: Zoning and Work Plan
Agenda; Presentation 

Open House
May 8: Community Open House at Graham Place Senior Apartments
Flyer; Agenda

Meeting #3
June 12: Commerce and Industry
Agenda; Presentation 1; Presentation 2; Meeting Notes

Meeting #4
July 10: Parks and Recreation

Meeting #5
August 14: Planning Processes

Meeting #6
September 11: Housing

Meeting #7
October 9

Meeting #8
November 13

Meeting #9
January 8

Meeting #10
February 12

Meeting #11
March 12

Meeting #12
April 9

TBA: Community meetings and open houses on zoning.

History of Planning and Zoning

The Shepard Davern area has been the focus of many planning efforts in recent years, as summarized below with links to full documents.

Shepard Davern Small Area Plan and Saint Paul Gateway Project (1999)
Shepard Davern Commercial and Residential Overlay Districts
Shepard Davern Special Sign District
Fort Road Development Plan (2005)
District 15 Highland Park District Plan (2005)
Great River Passage Plan (ongoing)

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