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Sewer Cleaning and TV Inspection Program (SCTVIP) - Ten Year Cycle

The Ten Year Cycle Sanitary Sewer Cleaning and Televising Program was started in 2004 and the goal is to clean and inspect the average of 80 miles of sanitary sewers including all the associated manholes every year. The plan is to complete the first cycle by 2013. In this first cycle of Sewer Cleaning and TV Inspection Program (SCTVIP) only sanitary sewers and all the associated sanitary manholes are scheduled for cleaning and TV inspection. During the 1980’s sewer separation program, most of the original sewers were left to function as sanitary sewers and the majority of storm sewers were built new. Therefore, our records indicate that the storm sewers and manholes are in a better condition than the sanitary sewers and accordingly they were omitted from the first cycle of this Program (SCTVIP). The plan is to include them in the second cycle of this program, which will start in 2014.

A supporting objective of this goal is to improve the Drainage System of City’s sewer systems so that we can minimize the damage occurred by backups due to roots or debris accumulated in the pipes or due to collapsed pipes. Further, this program helps us to evaluate pipes and their structural conditions so that any necessary maintenance, repair or replacement can be scheduled to minimize unexpected problems and emergency repairs which are inefficient and very expensive.

For inspection purpose, City of Saint Paul’s Sewers are grouped into ten Areas (Area 1,.., Area 10) based on historical information and maintenance records. Sanitary sewers grouped in Area 1 includes those sewers that are believed to be in the highest priority group and sanitary sewers in Area 10 includes those sewers that are believed to be in the lowest priority group based on the historic information and maintenance record. This inspection program was started with sewers that have the highest priority Area (Area 1) and progresses to the least priority Area (Area 10).

Active 2015 Project Description and Area Map

Sewer Cleaning - High velocity spinning head jet equipment is placed directly into the sewer mainline through the upstream manhole. The extreme pressure of the accelerated water particles contacts a small area of the pipe removing all the sludge, dirt, sand, rocks, minor roots and then the gravity of the water pushes them to the downstream manhole.

TV Inspection - A mounted CCTV camera system is placed directly into the sewer mainline through a manhole. The "pan and tilt" TV camera can examine and record the entire length of sewer line between manholes.

The following Sewer Cleaning and TV Inspection Projects will be in progress beginning in mid-May and finishing near the end of November. The operation time of the projects varies from project to project but mostly between 7:00 AM and 10:00 PM on weekdays, and between 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM on weekends:
Maryland / Westminster SCTVIP Project # 14-0003 - 40.9 Miles

Randolph / Lexington SCTVIP Project # 15-0001 - 43.2 Miles

Contact Information

For more information, questions or concerns about this Program, you may contact:

Girma Daka @ (651) 266-6189

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