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Car Sharing Permits
The City of Saint Paul has entered into an agreement with Car2Go, allowing vehicles used in their car sharing service to park in the Public Right of Way. 
CSHPERM.pngCar2go vehicles displaying a City of Saint Paul Car Sharing Permit have privileges within the metered zones, in Residential Permit Parking Areas and in limited time zones. See the table below for more details.
Vehicles Displaying Car Sharing Permits...
 may...  may not...
  • Park in metered spaces without being subject to posted time limits (excluding 30 minute meters) or meter fees
  • Park in Residential Permit Parking Areas
  • Remain parked in excess of time limits in limited time parking zones of two hours or greater
  • Park in spaces designated for those displaying disability certificates or plates
  • Park in non-compliance with signed parking restrictions
  • Park where state law prohibits parking
  • Park in loading zones
  • Park where parking is temporarily restricted by signs or meter hoods
  • Park where prohibited during snow emergencies or implementation of winter parking restrictions
  • Park in one location for more than 24 consecutive hours

For more information about car2go, visit           
Mike Klobucar
Civil Engineer
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800 City Hall Annex
25 4th Street West
Saint Paul, MN  55102

P: (651) 266-6208
F: (651) 298-4559

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General Information
E-Mail car2go

P: (612) 236-4655
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