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Mississippi Watershed Management Organization
  • Quarterly
  • Minneapolis City Hall

Member Requirements

Size: Five members, of which the Mayor appoints one member and one alternate

Saint Paul Residency: Residency within the Mississippi Water Management Organization’s area is required. The MWMO includes only a small section of Saint Paul in the northwest corner of the City.

Term: Three years

City Contact : Anne Weber - (651) 266-6245

Powers & Duties
Water Management Organizations strive to:
  • Preserve and use natural water storage and retention systems, which will provide opportunities to reduce public expenditures to control excessive volume and rates of runoff
  • Improve water quality
  • Prevent flooding and erosion
  • Promote groundwater replacement
  • Protect and enhance wildlife habitat and water recreational facilities

The Water Management Organizations are charged with:
  • Overseeing compliance of local water management plans with the watershed management plan and amending the plans as needed
  • Providing a forum for settling inter-community disputes
  • Establishing capital improvement programs as needed

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