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Other Contracting Requirements
In addition to requirements for bonds, insurance, and retainage, City of Saint Paul contracts often carry other requirements.

Prevailing Wage
The City of Saint Paul has adopted policies that require contractors to pay prevailing wage and abide by labor laws, ordinances, and legal requirements.

Data Practices / Public Information
Documents and other data handled by the procurement office is governed by Minnesota Statute Chapter 13 - Government Data Practices, under which:
    • All bids and proposals submitted are considered private until the contract award process is complete.
    • After the contract award process is complete, submissions become public unless the information qualifies as a trade secret or is specifically classified as private.

    Conflict of Interest
    Employees and officials are required to abide by state and local policies that govern conflict of interest as per Minnesota Statute Section 383A.201.

    • Employees and officials may not have a financial interest in any public contract.
    • Employees may not accept gifts and gratuities, including meals, from vendors who do business with the City.

    Vendor Debarment
    Saint Paul Legislative Code - Title XVIII, Chapter 185 (Contract Compliance), permits the City of Saint Paul to formally debar or suspend vendors who violate City policies or fail to perform.

    • Debarred vendors do have the opportunity to appeal a debarment decision to the Saint Paul City Council.
    • Debarred vendors are not permitted to participate in any City of Saint Paul procurement process or development contract during the period of the debarment.
    • Debarment may be imposed for up to three years.

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