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Common Tree Packages
Tree spade
tree spade.jpg

A tree spade is used to transplant bigger trees and greatly increases their rate of survival. The spade first digs a hole where the tree is to be planted. The same spade then uproots a tree and lowers it into the planting location.

Bareroot trees
Barefoot trees are typically the least expensive, however, because the roots of the tree are fully exposed, they are more susceptible to transplant shock. Roots must be kept moist and protected from the sun and wind. Plant bareroot trees in early spring and prune away any damaged roots or branches, without cutting back healthy branches.

Field potted plants
Field potted plants are grown in the field and placed in a container with the field soil in place. Trees should be planted in the ground as soon as possible with the root ball being disturbed as little as possible. Remove the tree from the container before planting.

Containerized trees
Containerized trees begin as bareroot and are placed in a container with rich soil. Roots should be well established before buying the tree. Follow the field potted planting directions.

Balled and burlapped (B&B) plants
BB tree .jpg
Balled and burlapped plants are dug when dormant and planted during the growing season. These trees are usually the most expensive but are very reliable when handled properly. The soil ball, wrapped in a wire basket or burlap, should be kept moist and should not be broken or loose. When planting, it is best to remove the top 1/3 of the wire basket; twine or burlap should be cut away from the trunk. 

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