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Vacant Buildings
Registered Vacant Buildings
DSI Code Enforcement

375 Jackson Street
Suite 220
Saint Paul, MN  55101

Ph: (651) 266-8989
Fx: (651) xxx-xxxx

7:30 am - 4:30 pm
(Monday - Friday)
Closed Weekends & Holidays
The City of Saint Paul has ordinances regulating vacant and unoccupied structures. Property owners must register these buildings with the Department of Safety and Inspections if the building is unoccupied and:
  1. Unsecured, or
  2. Secured by other than normal means, or
  3. A dangerous structure, or
  4. Condemned, or
  5. Has multiple housing or Building Code violations, or
  6. Is condemned and illegally occupied, or
  7. Is unoccupied for a period of time longer than one year during which time the Enforcement Officer has issued an order to correct nuisance conditions.

NOTE: As of February 15, 2015, the Vacant Building Registration Fee for all new and renewal registrations will increase to $2,025.

Registration Requirements - What property owners must do to comply with the law
  1. Submit a Vacant Building Registration Form within 30 days, describing plans for rehabilitating and reoccupying or demolishing the building.
  2. Disclose all pertinent ownership information.
  3. Disclose all pertinent lienholders.
  4. Disclose any current Truth-in-Sale of Housing Disclosure Reports.
  5. Pay the annual Vacant Building Registration Fee within 30 days of receiving the Registration (or Registration Renewal) letter.
  6. Provide unencumbered access to all portions of the premises of the buildings to permit the Enforcement Officer to make a complete inspection.


NOTE: If the building is vacant due to a fire, the owners have 90 days to pay the Vacant Building fee, provided they submit the Vacant Building Registration Form within 30 days informing the City of their plans for the building.

Vacant Building Sale Review Program

The City of Saint Paul requires a review of the sale of all vacant buildings. Requirements differ based on the category of vacancy:

Category I

  • Payment of registration and fees
  • Notify the City of new ownership
  • Restore utilities  and comply with orders for legal occupancy
  • Obtain a Truth-in-Sale of Housing Report

Category II (No sale without City approval)

  • Registration of new ownership
  • Payment of registration and fees
  • Code compliance report
  • Cost estimate from licensed contractor for all repairs
  • A schedule for completion of the repairs
  • Proof of financial capability to complete all repairs.

Category III (No sale without City approval)

  • No sale without a Certificate of Code Compliance or Certificate of Occupancy.

For full program details, contact Vacant Buildings in DSI at 651-266-8989.
There is a fee of $275.00 for the Sale Review Process

City of Saint Paul Legislative Code

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