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Comprehensive Planning Committee
The Comprehensive Planning Committee is a sub-committee of the Planning Commission.  It is responsible for reviewing and advising the full Planning Commission on:
  • Comprehensive Plan chapters
  • Amendments to chapters of the Comprehensive Plan
  • Regional development policy issues
  • County/East Metro/adjacent community issues
  • Capital budgeting process

The members of the Comprehensive Planning Committee are the following Planning Commission members.
Pat Connolly 
Kyle Makarios
Paula Merrigan, Chair
Rebecca Noecker
Trevor Oliver
Betsy Reveal, Vice Chair
Terri Thao
Barbara A. Wencl

The Comprehensive Planning Committee meets every other Tuesday, as needed, from 3:30 - 5:00 p.m. in the City Hall Annex, Room 1300.  The Comprehensive Planning Committee is staffed by Merritt Clapp-Smith.

Date   Agenda  Packets
 3/24/15  Agenda  Campus Boundary Zoning Study - Staff memo; draft resolution. Cellular Telephone Antenna Zoning Study - Staff memo; revised amendments; draft resolution. Ward 3 Zoning Study - to be posted.
3/10/15  Canceled   
 2/24/15   Canceled  
 2/10/15 Canceled  
 1/27/15 Agenda  Cellular Telephone Antenna Zoning Study - Staff memo; zoning ordinance language; FCC rules regarding wireless facilities siting
 1/13/15 Agenda Comprehensive Plan priority themes – wrap up discussion.  DNR Mississippi River Critical Area Rulemaking – Continued discussion of City comments on proposed rules.  (Materials for these topics were provided for the December 16, 2014 meeting - see link below).
     Meetings are listed in reserve order, with the most current at the top.
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