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Recycling and Waste Reduction
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Thank you for recycling and composting!

As we celebrate Earth Day, April 22 this year we can also celebrate our accomplishments in 2014. 
  • City of Saint Paul changed to single-sort collection of recyclables.
  • Added many types of plastic to the list of acceptable materials (#1, 2, 4, 5, and 7 food and beverage containers).
  • City of Saint Paul residents recycled close to 20,000 tons of paper, glass, metal and plastic beverage and food containers. 
  • While the weight of material has stayed flat the volume of material increased by 16%.
    • Some materials are being recycled less, others are becoming lighter (newspapers, beverage containers).
  • Plastics recycled increase by 82% (500 tons). 
  • Just under 200 tons of appliances, electronics, scrap metal and concrete were recycled at 6 Citywide Community Clean Up events.
  • Close to 100 tons of organic materials were delivered to the 5 drop off locations around town. 

For a summary of the All In Program services and initiatives go to: All In Program 2014 Annual Report

Backyard Compost Bin and Rain Barrel Sale! 
 compost_bin_in_use_135x135.jpg The first 300 Ramsey County residents can get a compost bin for only $40! Pre-order online before April 24th at and enter promo code ramsey.       
                                                                                                                        Pick up your pre-ordered bin on April 17th in Roseville, April 18th in Maplewood, or April 25th in Saint Paul.

For more information visit

Organics Drop off Locations Available
Source separated organics are accepted at Ramsey County Yard Waste Site locations during regular site hours. Spring hours begin April 1st..  Click here for details.

Single Sort Recycling
Put all of your recyclable materials into one bin or collection cart - separating is no longer required!

More Plastics Accepted
Most #1, #2, #4, #5 and #7 food and beverage containers are accepted. In addition to plastic bottles, yogurt, butter and produce containers, transparent deli and “to go” containers can be recycled with Saint Paul’s residential recycling program. Click here for a complete list of accepted materials.

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Composting & Yard Waste



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 Hazardous Waste

Community Cleanup

 Reducing Your Waste

2015 and Beyond
Click here to learn about the community assessment project that led to these changes and learn about the City's plan for 2015 and beyond.

Multi-Lingual Recycling Information
ESPAÑOL: Información en español está disponible en nuestro sitio web. También se puede llamar nuestro servicio al cliente (inglés solamente).

HMOOB: Ntawv qhia txog tej khoom siv uas zoo kho siv dua muaj ua lus Hmoob nyob online lossis hu tau peb tus xovtooj Lus-Askiv.

SOOMAALI: Macluumaadka alaabtaa dib loo warshadeyn karo waxaad ka helaysaa bogga internetka isagoo Soomaali ku qoran amase waxaad soo wacdaa khadka degdegga ah ee luqadda-Ingiriiska.

Additional Recycling Resources

Kris Hageman, Environmental Coordinator @ or 651-266-8866
Tim Pratt, Environmental Program Assistant @ or 651-266-6130
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