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Snelling-Midway Redevelopment Site
On October 14, 2015 the City of Saint Paul, Metropolitan Council, and Saint Paul Port Authority approved a Joint Powers Agreement to negotiate a lease agreement that would result in the potential development of a Major League Soccer stadium on the 10-acre site at the northeast corner of Snelling Ave. and I-94, previously used for transit vehicle storage.

Eventual redevelopment of the entire 34.5-acre superblock bounded by University Ave., Snelling Ave., I-94 and Pascal St. will be guided by a master plan developed by property owner RK Midway LLC. Both the potential stadium site plan and master plan will be reviewed and approved by the City of Saint Paul. There will be numerous opportunities for community input throughout the review process, including a Snelling-Midway Community Advisory Committee, community open houses, Open Saint Paul (online engagement tool), and public hearings at both the Planning Commission and City Council.

The first public meeting will be held on Monday, November 30 from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at the Midpointe Event Center, located at 415 N Pascal Street in Saint Paul. Topics will include community use and access, jobs, adjacent green space, and much more, for the stadium site and master site plans for the 34.5 acre redevelopment site. 

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Community Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Community Advisory Committee (CAC) for the Snelling-Midway Redevelopment Site is to provide community input as the City considers both the site plan for a major league soccer stadium and the master plan for redevelopment of the 34.5 acre superblock. The CAC will be comprised of members of the community who live, work, visit, or otherwise have a stake in the Midway area of Saint Paul. Members are appointed to serve on the CAC by the Mayor, selected from a body of applicants who requested to serve on the CAC.

The role of the CAC is to:

  • Help to determine the community needs and desires for the project
  • Review plan concepts and provide input on major design elements and themes
  • Bring suggestions from community, stakeholders, and respective organizations to the attention of the  City staff and officials
  • Help communicate project progress to community members
  • Provide guidance to City staff on final recommendations for the redevelopment site
  • Ensure that the full range of issues are discussed during the design process

CAC Meetings­­
The CAC meets bi-monthly on the first and third Thursdays of the month from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. from December 2015 through March 2016.

CAC Members
The CAC is comprised of the following members:
Julie Padilla - (Co-Chair)
Eric Molho - (Co-Chair)
Rick Birdoff
Jon Commers
Bill McGuire
Abdi Barkat
Adrian Perryman
Becky Landon
Daud Mohamed
Emily Goellner
Eric Lamott
Gene Goddard
Gerard Lagos
Greg Nielsen
John Young
Jonathan Oppenheimer
Julia Donnelly
Kirk Wythers
Noel Nix
Patty Thorsen
Renee Spillum
Rob McCready
Tiffany Vang
Va-Megn Thoj

Members bring the following skills, interests, and connections to the committee: Business, Economic Development, Real Estate, Higher Education, Organized Labor, City Planning, Affordable Housing, Community Organizing, The Arts, Accessibility/Disability Awareness, and Involvement in the Soccer Community

Background Information
In 2014 the City of Saint Paul, Metropolitan Council, and RK Midway LLC entered into a Memorandum of Agreement to consider a coordinated redevelopment of the Snelling Midway superblock. Using the Snelling Station Area Plan as the basis, the parties engaged a real estate consultant team to develop recommendationsfor how the three parties could cooperate to pursue transit-oriented development on the entire 34.5-acre site

Snelling-Midway Smartsite TOD Redevelopment Strategy – Report of Findings and Recommendations

The report provided recommendations on elements for achieving high quality transit-oriented development on the site and made suggestions on methods of phasing, financing, placement, character, and process to help align the site with projected market conditions and the City of Saint Paul’s adopted Snelling Station Area Plan.

Site Highlights
  • 34.5 acre area bounded by University Ave., Snelling Ave., I-94, and Pascal St. It includes the Midway Shopping Center, and 15 acres of vacant property to the south.
  • Metropolitan Council/Metro Transit owns 10 acres at the northeast corner of Snelling & I-94. RK Midway LLC owns the remaining property on the Snelling Site.
  • Current Businesses: 41
  • Parking Spaces: approximately 1,587 spaces (1,257 marked)
  • Current Average Daily Traffic Volumes: Snelling = 35,000; University = 24,000
  • Projected LRT Ridership: 2,900 boardings at the Snelling Station and 41,000 daily Green Line riders (by 2030)
  • Floor Area Ratio (FAR): 0.32 for existing development, 1.0 required for new development
  • Population (approximate travel times):
    • Within .5 mile = 3,712 (20 minute walk)
    • Within 1 mile = 23,132 (10 minute bike ride)
    • Within 2 miles = 79,539 (10 minute bus/LRT ride)
    • Within 5 miles = 393,696 (15 minute drive)

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