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CP Rail Yard Expansion EAW


An environmental assessment worksheet (EAW) for a proposed expansion of the Canadian Pacific Railway (CP Rail) receiving yard near Pig’s Eye Lake was published by the Environmental Quality Board on March 31, 2014. A thirty (30) day comment period concluded on April 30, 2014. The City of Saint Paul is the Responsible Goverment Unit (RGU) for the EAW.

The City of Saint Paul has detemined that the project has the potential for significant environmental effects. Therefore, an Enviromental Impact Statement (EIS) must be prepared for the project. A link to the Findings of Fact and Record of Decision, a document which summarizes the EAW process and the basis for the determination of the project's potential for significant environmental impacts, can be found below. Also below are links to the final EAW (and all attachments) and the Comments and Responses (and all exhibits). The Comments and Responses is a document which includes all comments received during the comment period and provides responses to those comments.

More information regarding the EIS process will be posted to this page as it becomes available, including the date, time, and location of a public meeting for purposes of reviewing the proposed scope of the EIS.

Finding of Fact and Record of Decision

Comments and Responses


Exhibit A – Agency Comment Letters
Exhibit B – Arch and Historic Site Data
Exhibit C1 – RWMWD Permit Application for Phase 1a
Exhibit C2 – RWMWD Permit Application for Phase 1b
Exhibit D – Phase 1a Joint Wetland Application Forms
Exhibit E – Phase 1b Joint Wetland Application Forms
Exhibit F – Wetland Buffer Variance Request
Exhibit G1– NPDES Permit Coverage Cards for Phase 1a
Exhibit G2 – NPDES Permit Coverage Cards for Phase 1b
Exhibit H – MPCA Section 401 Certification Waiver
Exhibit I – Sheet Pile Wall Construction Plans
Exhibits J1 – Planting Plan Phase 1a
Exhibits J2 – Planting Plan Phase 1b
Exhibit K1 – North Truck Access Route
Exhibit K2 – South Truck Access Route
Exhibit L – List of Commenters
Exhibit M1 – Public Comments 1
Exhibit M2 – Public Comments 2
Exhibit N – Public Meeting Transcript

Final EAW

Figure 1                 Project Location
Figure 2                 Project Boundary
Figures 3A-D         Site Plan – Existing
Figures 4A-D         Site Plan – Proposed
Figure 5                 Existing Land Use
Figure 6                 Zoning Overlay Districts
Figures 7A-F          Wetland Impacts
Figure 8                 Existing Vegetation and Screening
Figure 9                 Noise Monitoring Locations
Figure 10               CP Rail Route in Saint Paul

Attachment 1         Natural Heritage Review Letter
Attachment 2         State Historic Preservation Office Response
Attachment 3         Figure LU-O, Significant Public Views
Attachment 4         Wetland Delineation Report
Attachment 5         CP Rail Noise Study - Detailed Monitoring Observations and Data
Attachment 6         RWMWD Grading Permit Application for Phase 1a
Attachment 7         RWMWD Grading Permit Application for Phase 1b
Attachment 8         MN Local/State/Fed Application for Water/Wetland Projects - Phase 1a
Attachment 9         Joint Application for Activities Affecting Water Resources in MN -  Phase 1b
Attachment 10       Construction Plans Phase 1a
Attachment 11       Construction Plans Phase 1b
Attachment 12       Retaining Wall Plans
Attachment 13       Phase 1a NPDES Permit Coverage Card
Attachment 14       Phase 1b NPDES Permit Coverage Card
Attachment 15       MPCA Section 401 Waiver


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