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Seven Corners Gateway Requests for Proposals (RFP)

The City of Saint Paul and its Housing and Redevelopment Authority is pleased to announced that it is offering its Seven Corners Gateway site for redevelopment and is seeking proposals from interested developers. The Seven Corners Gateway site is a prominent 2.4-acre parcel located across W. 7th Street from the Xcel Energy Center, bounded by Smith Avenue, Kellogg Boulevard, W 7th Street, and W. 5th Street.

The site is located at the entrance to both Saint Paul's downtown entertainment district and the vibrant W. 7th Street commercial corridor. Adjacent to both 35E and
I-94, the site is accessible from major freeways in all directions. Over 55,000 cars, on average, pass by the site every day. It also has excellent access to mass transit. Located across the street from the Smith Avenue Transit Center (including a 600 car publicly-owned parking ramp), the site is served by 23 bus routes with easy access to the entire Metro Transit system. The downtown core; Mississippi River; Upper Landing; Irvine Park; the W. 7th commercial district; and the campuses of United/Children's, Regions and St. Joseph's hospitals are all within a 10 minute walk. The site is ideally positioned to offer excellent views of downtown, Mississippi River bluffs, St. Paul Cathedral, and the State Capitol.

Site Vision
The City of Saint Paul envisions a high-density, mixed-use site that evokes a sense of welcome and destination at this important gateway into downtown Saint Paul, mindful of its proximity to the St. Paul Cathedral and Capitol.

Active first-floor uses will provide vibrancy at the street level, and an entertainment component will feed off the energy of Xcel Energy Center, and the W. 7th Street and Rice Park entertainment districts. The land use program and site design will embrace the diversity and cultures of the people of Saint Paul. A high-quality public realm will provide gathering places on-site and connect the development to its neighborhood. The project will be a model of advanced sustainable urban infill development.

Two development proposals received for City of Saint Paul’s Seven Corners Gateway site (9/2/2014)

The interview date will be Friday, September 19 only.

Responses to Submitted Written Questions by Proposers

Q: When would a developer be required to submit the $30,000 application fee?

A: When the developer is offered tentative developer status by the HRA.  This tentative developer status award and the application fee are the first step in moving toward a successful development agreement.   The HRA retains the application fee regardless of whether a negotiated development agreement is approved by the HRA or the project is built.

Q: Is the HRA required to sell the property at its appraised fair market value?

A: The HRA policy is to sell property at appraised fair-market value.  If the HRA writes down any portion of the appraised fair-market value, it is considered a public subsidy.

7/14/14 - RFP Issue Date
8/4/14 - Submission of written questions from Proposers
8/11/14 - Response to written questions from Proposers
8/29/14 - Proposals Due
9/2-9/12/14 - Review and evaluation of proposals
9/19/14 - Interviews, if necessary
No later than 10/8/14 - Recommendation to HRA for tentative developer status

Respondents are asked to submit questions related to the RFP, in writing, on or before 4:30 p.m. on Monday, August 4, 2014 to:

City of Saint Paul
Department of Planning & Economic Development
Attn: Ellen Muller
25 West Fourth Street, Suite 1300
Saint Paul, MN  55102

Questions may also be emailed to .

Response to questions will be posted on this web page on August 11, 2014.

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