In 2020, I held a series of online City Views conversations. Each guest had a unique perspective on a different facet of local government, and we had fantastic discussions involving questions from the community on how we can all help improve our city and disseminate helpful information for residents. 

City Views resulted in great conversations and resources being shared about unemployment benefits, homelessness, snow plowing, our libraries, law enforcement, and more. 

Watch all past City Views here:

Mayor Melvin Carter - Mayor Carter discusses leadership in the face of the many challenges St. Paul has faced over the past year.

Ward 5 - Council President Brendmoen | Saint Paul, Minnesota

St. Paul City Council President Amy Brendmoen - A conversation surrounding Council President Brendmoen's journey to St. Paul City Council and how community members can become more engaged.

Todd Axtell(St. Paul Police Chief); Bio, Wiki, Career, Education  Background, Merits, Fires Officers, Priorities, Video Proof | Glob Intel |  Celebrity News | Spo… | Fire officer, Police chief, Axtell

St. Paul Police Chief Todd Axtell - Looking at St. Paul's Chief of Police role and present-day challenges in promoting public safety.


Emily Northey and Monica Haas - A discussion surrounding district councils and how individuals can become more involved.

Jon Fure (@JonFure) | Twitter.           Board and Staff - West Side Community Organization

Jon Fure and Monica Bravo - Taking a closer look at St. Paul's West Side and how community organizations can contribute to our city.


21st Century Vision for the Saint Paul Police Department           David Palm          Travis Bistodeau | |

Shawn Filiowich, David Palm and Travis Bistodeau - A conversation about local law enforcement and solving conflict in our neighborhoods.

St. Paul mayor names new director of planning and economic development –  Twin Cities

Nicolle Goodman - A conversation surrounding economic development and planning in St. Paul.

Catherine Penkert – Medium

Catherine Penkert - A discussion about our libraries and the resources they offer, especially in the time of COVID-19.

Leaders & Partners - Minnesota Peacebuilding Leadership Institute           

Kirstin Burch and Kate Rodrigues - A conversation surrounding accessible housing in St. Paul.

Mayor Carter appoints Valerie Jensen to lead Human Rights department – Twin  Cities            Speaker Biographies

Valerie Jensen and Maria Mitchell - A conversation surrounding human rights in the wake of George Floyd's death and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stark, Russ – Twin Cities

Russ Stark - A conversation about the role of Chief Resilience Officer and the issue of climate change.

Mike Hahm - Saint Paul Parks Conservancy             Kris Hageman - Recycling Programs Manager - City of Saint Paul | LinkedIn

Mike Hahm and Kris Hageman - A conversation about the intersections of conservation, recycling, and our parks.

Rick Schute

Rick Schute - A conversation about emergency management in St. Paul and our handling of the pandemic. 

A complete list of all past live streams and City Views are also viewable on the Ward 2 Facebook Page. Resources from each City Views are listed in the description of each video.

If you have a suggestion for a guest or topic that you'd like to know more about, please email us at!

Last Edited: August 30, 2021