Job Feature: Sewer Services Worker

Antonio M. - Sewer Services Worker 

Q: How do you support the mission of your organization?

AM: I support the organization by being a diligent and hardworking employee for the City of Saint Paul

Q: What are the important job functions for success in your job?

AM: I feel the most important functions for the success of my job is being on time, bringing knowledge to my co-workers, and consistently taking input from others. Working for the Sewer Department I have learned there is a lot of things that can go wrong with the underground infrastructure that nobody sees. When something does go wrong, you must be able to think quickly and figure out the best and safest way to fix the problem. I feel that being a quick learner and knowing how to anticipate on what could happen next keeps my day to day functions successful.

Q: What tools or resources does the City provide to be productive and effective in this role?

AM: We are provided with reliable transportation, heavy operating equipment, and the necessary tools needed for the type of job at task. In addition, I get to work with other great hard working employees that care about the work they do.

Q: What is great about your job?

AM: Having to do something different every day, getting to know you're co-workers, meeting city residents, and working outside.