Benchmarking Ordinance

The City of Saint Paul's new Energy Benchmarking ordinance requires that owners of multi-family and commercial properties 50,000 square feet and larger must benchmark their energy and water usage. The deadlines for covered properties to benchmark are as follows, and will apply annually:

Important Deadlines

Property Size Deadline to Benchmark
100,000 square feet and larger June 1, 2020
50,000 - 99,999 square feet June 1, 2021

To comply with the Energy Benchmarking Ordinance, follow these steps:

Step 1:          Decide on your level of data disclosure
Step 2:          Create a free Energy Star Portfolio Manager Account
Step 3:          Set up properties and add your building ID
Step 4:          Set up meters; add energy/water data (the City and utilities can help)
Step 5:          Report your benchmarking data to the City


Step 1:  Decide to disclose full or partial data

Saint Paul gives property owners the option to disclose full or partial data on their property’s energy and water use when complying with this ordinance. Submitting full data takes no extra effort and provides access to energy efficiency support, recognition, and Energize Saint Paul programs like our Energy Concierge Service. Property owners who submit full data will also have their properties recognized in the Race to Reduce, joining over 200 properties that have already benchmarked.

Full Disclosure: When you submit your data through the Energy Star Portfolio Manager, energy and water usage as well as property info are sent to the City.

Partial Disclosure: When you submit your data through the Energy Star Portfolio Manager, only property info is shared with the City, not energy and water usage.

Full or partial disclosure

To continue, you must select one of the following options:

Yes, I will benchmark and make a FULL data disclosure *    

No, I will benchmark and make a PARTIAL data disclosure *

*Please read: Important data disclosure notice.

The City of Saint Paul (“City”) is asking you to provide information which includes private information under the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act (MGDPA). The City is asking for this private information to assist your building in identifying energy efficiency opportunities and to recognize your leadership, which the City may not be able to do so if you do not provide pull data disclosure. You are not legally required to provide full data disclosure requested by the City and you may refuse to provide some or all the information requested. The information you supply will be classified as public data and shared with individuals who request information related to your property’s energy and water use.