Ameresco performed a facility condition assessment of all City of Saint Paul park assets including; buildings and surrounding sites, tot lots, athletic surface courts, parking lots and trails, documenting individual assets and the overall system’s condition, inventory, and cost to replace. The assessment documented 144 Buildings, 147 Parking Lots, 74 Playground Structures, 76 Recreational Courts. The resulting life cycle data was then gathered into reports to help staff better understand capital budget requirements, prioritize capital projects, and explore capital funding scenarios. 

With the life cycle analysis data, Ameresco has produced reports for Parks that show:

  • The level of deferred maintenance for the portfolio and by each asset
  • A year by year forecast of capital needs
  • A method to benchmark each asset against each other as well as to national standards
  • The risk profile of each asset (Facility Condition Index)
  • What funding will be required for the Parks to maintain the Parks’ mission

View the Ameresco executive summary report. 

Last Edited: July 1, 2017