Transportation Implementation Plan

The purpose of the Transportation Implementation Plan was to research and determine best alternatives for manage parking, integrate transit systems, and implement programs to improve the transportation and parking needs within and around Como Park. This plan will take in to account all previous planning recommendations, current situations, and all new options to build a strategic implementation plan. The implementation plan analyzes the current situation and provides an opinion of probable costs to implement solutions.

Como Park Transportation Plan

Summary of Recommendations

September Powerpoint Overview

Public Open House - August 12

The project team has gathered data and collected input on transportation-related issues and concerns within the park and surrounding neighborhoods. At this point, primary issues have been identified and the project team, in partnership with the Project Advisory Committee (PAC), has brainstormed potential transportation solutions for the park. The process of concept evaluation has started, and the project team would like public input as it moves forward into developing the final recommendations that will become part of the TIP. The public is invited to learn more about project status and look at potential solutions below. Also take a few minutes to participate in the survey to get your comments back to the consultants and PAC,