Como Regional Park Pedestrian and Bike Trails


A new combined pedestrian and bicycle trail will begin at the intersection of Hamline and Horton Ave. heading east to Lexington Pkwy. This trail will cross a new bridge utilizing the former trolley bridge abutments at the Beulah Ln. A new trail will begin on the north side of Horton Ave. just west of Lexington Pkwy., and follow Estabrook past the conservatory, Education Resource Center, and the Carousel to the west picnic grounds. It will continue past the existing west picnic grounds restroom facility to Horton Ave.This trail connection will pass under the new bridge and loop back around to the intersection of Hamline and Horton Aves. A critical link between the existing pedestrian bridge and the south end of the frog pond will be made with a shared use path. Kaufmann Dr. will be removed and replaced with a 62 car parking lot located in the existing Kaufmann Dr. corridor.Several concrete paths will provide pedestrian-only traffic to access all the monuments in the south east corner of the park. Finally, a connection between the mini golf course and the west picnic grounds will be made with a new shared use trail.

Project Information

Project Manager: Don GanjePhone: 651-266-6425

Project Funding

  • Federal Transportation Enhancement Funds
  • Metro Parks
  • Open Space funds