Crosby-Elway Parking Lot


The City has secured funds to build a small 10-20 car parking lot at the Crosby Lake Road entrance on the eastern end of Crosby Farm Regional Park. Construction of the parking lot should begin in the fall of 2011. Concepts of the parking lot layout are below. If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding this project, please direct them to the project manager. The concepts were presented to the Community Services Committee of the Highland District Council on April 13th. Concept A was the preferred plan and will be presented at the full Highland District Council meeting on May 12th.

Concept AConcept B

Final Plan Construction Schedule ParkingTrail

Construction Schedule Construction is set to begin early October 2011 and be completed by the end of May 2012. Project Information

Project manager: Kathleen Anglo Phone: 651-266-6368