Mississippi River Revetment Project

Mississippi River Revetment Renovation Construction Project Information.

This spring, the Parks and Recreation Department will oversee renovation of a section of the east bank of the Mississippi River between the Smith Ave. Bridge and Upper Landing Park and adjacent to the Samuel H. Morgan Regional Trail.

The existing, cracked and crumbling concrete mortar embankment will be replaced with a more stable stone rip-rap edge similar to the one recently installed at Raspberry Island. This type of embankment stabilizes the bank during high water and flooding conditions and improves river habitat and water quality. Special efforts will be made to protect and preserve the large trees in the vicinity of the City House (historic Head House and Sack House).

The project also includes construction of a scenic overlook at the river edge near Washington St.. This overlook will offer a unique view of the river as well as provide interpretive information about the barge industry that operates in this reach of the river.

The majority of the construction work will be done from river barges. The overlook construction will require use of a portion of the Sam Morgan Regional Trail for access and will necessitate short term partial closure of one of the two paths. Trail use restrictions will be minimized as much as possible. This renovation work is being paid for with a combination of Federal Transportation Enhancement (TEA) funds, matching State DNR funds and other City funds. Sam Morgan Trail Master Plan (Plan originally named East Bank Regional Trail) Master Plan


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