Outdoor Court Restoration Program


This is an annual program that began in the 1996-1997 Capital Improvement Budget (CIB) to systematically resurface or replace, if necessary, the 77 tennis courts and 33 outdoor basketball courts.

The outdoor courts provide valuable recreation opportunities to the public and need a systematic program to rebuild/resurface them to keep them in a safe and useable condition.  Parks and Recreation has conducted a study and developed a system wide ranking based upon age, condition, use, safety, and then cross referenced alongside the 2010 Systems Plan recommendations.

Outdoor Court Restoration is funded by the Capital Improvement Budget (CIB).

Project Updates

Eastview - St. Paul Urban Tennis Courts

St. Paul Urban Tennis (SPUT) operates out of St. Paul Parks and Recreation's Eastview Recreation Center (1675 East 5th Street). SPUT has received support from Parks and Recreation, the community, and St. Paul Parks Commission to develop 5 additional tennis courts at the park to support SPUT's growing programming need. 

The courts will be developed immediately to the east of the newly reconstructed tennis courts and will include a rain garden infiltration basin to manage stormwater. The addition of the courts will allow baseball, soccer, and other sports to be played at the park. A graphic showing the layout can be seen here: Site Layout

SPUT has raised all the funds necessary to design and build the courts and will provide maintenance of the courts and raingarden.

Construction is set to begin Monday June 22nd. The schedule is roughly as follows:

  • Demolition and earthwork - 2 weeks
  • Paving and fencing - 2 weeks
  • Stormwater basin and landscaping/site restoration - 2 weeks
  • Pavement curing (no work) - 2 weeks
  • Court painting/striping - 1 week
  • Work should be complete around the end of August. 


2019 Annual Outdoor Courts Restoration

Construction work tentatively set to begin week of July 22, 2019. Renovation project is anticipated to be completed by November-October 2019. UPDATE: The project is to be completed in Spring 2020.

Carty Park

  • Basketball court and tennis court painting and striping completed. Courts to open soon.
  • Carty Park improvements involve removing and rebuilding the two full tennis courts, and resurfacing the half basketball court. Due to the early arrival of the cold weather, the contractor is unable to paint and stripe the tennis courts and resurface the half-basketball court. Resurfacing, painting, and striping requires the weather to be 50 degrees F or higher. The project will be completed in Spring 2020. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and your family.
  • New site furnishings include 1 player's bench, 1 trash receptacle, and two picnic tables. Picnic tables will be installed in spring 2020.

West Minnehaha Recreation Center

  • Basketball court painting and striping completed and is open. New Kato court remains closed.
  • West Minnehaha Recreation Center renovation includes removing and rebuilding the full basketball court, and removing the half practice tennis court and replacing it with one Sepak Takraw Court. Due to the early arrival of the cold weather, the contractor is unable to paint and stripe the basketball court. The paint and stripe requires the weather to be 50 degrees F or higher. Both the basketball court and Sepak Takraw (Kato) court will be completed in Spring 2020. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and your family.
  • New site furnishings include 1 ADA picnic table, 4 player's bench, and 2 trash receptacles.

**Edgcumbe Recreation Center tennis court improvement was not awarded.**

Eastview Park: St. Paul Urban Tennis (SPUT) Courts

The City is working with St. Paul Urban Tennis (SPUT) to add more full tennis courts at Eastview. A community meeting was held on Monday, May 14 at Eastview Recreation Center (view the pdf flyer here). We discussed options for court layout and the project timeline. SPUT anticipates adding the courts later this summer, with fall construction (weather permitting).
Meeting presentation (pdf)
Meeting minutes (pdf)

Previous Outdoor Court Restoration

2018 Completed Project

  • Eastview - Tennis Court (Ward 7, District 2)

2017 Completed Projects

  • Cayuga Park - Basketball Courts (Ward 1, District 6)
  • Martin Luther King Recreation Center - Tennis Court (Ward 1, District 8)
  • Baker Recreation Center - Tennis and Basketball Courts (Ward 2, District 3)
  • Duluth and Case Recreation Center - Tennis Courts (Ward 6, District 3)