Outdoor Court Restoration Program


This is an annual program that began in the 1996-1997 Capital Improvement Budget (CIB) to systematically resurface or replace, if necessary, the 77 tennis courts and 33 outdoor basketball courts.

The outdoor courts provide valuable recreation opportunities to the public and need a systematic program to rebuild/resurface them to keep them in a safe and useable condition.  Parks and Recreation has conducted a study and developed a system wide ranking based upon age, condition, use, safety, and then cross referenced alongside the 2010 Systems Plan recommendations.

Outdoor Court Restoration is funded by the Capital Improvement Budget (CIB).

Project Updates

2019 Annual Outdoor Courts Restoration

Renovation is anticipated to start June 2019 and completed by November 2019.

Carty Park

  • Carty Park improvements involve removing and rebuilding the two full-tennis courts, and resurfacing the half-court basketball.

West Minnehaha Recreation Center

  • West Minnehaha Recreation Center renovation includes removing and rebuilding the full-court basketball, and removing the half-court practice tennis replacing it with one Sepak Takraw Court with the possibility of a second Sepak Takraw Court (pending funding).

Edgcumbe Recreation Center

  • If funding allows, Edgcumbe Recreation Center improvements include repairing the cracks on the two east tennis full-courts as well as repainting and stripping.

2018 Annual Outdoor Courts Restoration: Eastview Park

Eastview had two full tennis courts, one half-court practice tennis, and half-court basketball. The process to resurface these courts began in 2017 and will be completed in 2018. The re-constructed courts will include two full tennis courts, two half-court tennis practice areas, and will re-orient the basketball hoop. Please check this page for updates on the construction process. We expect construction work to resume May 14, 2018.

The City is working with St. Paul Urban Tennis (SPUT) to add more full tennis courts at Eastview. A community meeting was held on Monday, May 14 at Eastview Recreation Center (view the pdf flyer here). We discussed options for court layout and the project timeline. SPUT anticipates adding the courts later this summer, with fall construction (weather permitting).
Meeting presentation (pdf)
Meeting minutes (pdf)

Previous Outdoor Court Restoration

2017 Completed Projects

  • Cayuga Park - Basketball Courts (Ward 1, District 6)
  • Martin Luther King Recreation Center - Tennis Court (Ward 1, District 8)
  • Baker Recreation Center - Tennis and Basketball Courts (Ward 2, District 3)
  • Duluth and Case Recreation Center - Tennis Courts (Ward 6, District 3)