Highland Park S'more Fun & Move Shake Learn

About Highland Park S'more Fun

S’more Fun is a recreational childcare program providing a variety of structured and unstructured activities designed to help children pursue their own interests, develop friendships, gain confidence, and build independence in a safe, comfortable, and fun atmosphere. Activities include swimming, art experiences, theme days, music, reading, outdoor activities, multicultural studies, picnics, cooking, field trips, athletics, environmental programming, and more. 

No-School Day S'more Fun

Highland Park Community Center offers S'more Fun during MEA, winter break, spring break, and other days when Saint Paul Public Schools are not in session. Activities inlude art experiences, gym competitions, board games, library visits and S’more Fun! Breakfast and snacks are provided.

Age: Youth Ages 6-12yrs (Children must have completed kindergarten)
Cost: $35/Day
Time:  7am - 6pm 

For additional information, tours, or to register for S'more Fun, call Highland Park Community Center at 651-695-3706.

Highland Park Summer S'more Fun Program

When: 7am-6pm, Monday – Friday
Who: Youth entering grades 1-6 in the fall
Registration Fee: $35/child per year ($70 cap per family)
Daily Fee: $40/day (Includes all field trips)

To continue to provide high quality child care at all S’more Fun sites, Saint Paul Parks and Recreation has adjusted our S’more Fun fee structure for 2019. What to expect:

  • Consistent pricing across all sites:
    • Daily fee is now $40 at all locations
    • Registration fees are $35/child per year and will not exceed $70 total per family
  • Easy to understand fee structure:
    • Field trip fees are included in the daily price and we have eliminated activity fees, so you know exactly what you are paying each week
  • Affordability:
    • The same cost or less expensive than similar childcare options in the area

For additional information, tours, or to register for S'more Fun, call Highland Park Community Center at 651-695-3706.

About Highland Park Move Shake Learn

In the MOVE SHAKE LEARN program kids will play, socialize, and grow from daily lesson plans that prioritize educational experiences, with plenty of time dedicated to move and shake.  Daily lesson plan components will include gymnasium/outside active play, art activities, free-time to explore classroom stations, group reading,       academic lessons, and snack. 

Scheduling is very flexible allowing families to register for a class schedule that fits their needs, with unlimited combinations of morning or afternoon classes.  Many parents choose our program as the primary program for their child and register for a more traditional schedule, while others use the program less frequently. 

The teacher/student ratio is 1:8. Call to schedule a classroom visit today!

  • Program begins October 2018
  • Morning Classes: Monday-Friday 9-11:30AM
  • Afternoon Classes  : Monday-Thursday 1-3:30PM
  • Ages: 2.5-5yrs
  • Cost: $15/Class

To register or for more information, call Highland Park Community Center at 651-695-3706.

Move Shake Learn Frequently Asked Questions

What does a typical daily class plan consist of? 

Daily lesson plan components will include plenty of moving and shaking activities in the gymnasium/outside, art activities, free-time in the classroom, reading, academic lessons, and snack.

This sounds similar to traditional pre-schools, can I register as such? 

Yes!  We expect that many parents will chose our program as the primary program for their child, and others may use the program to supplement existing programs.  Either way is fine with us.  Pick a schedule that works for your family, and register for as many or as few classes that fit your needs.

Does my child need to be fully potty-trained?

No, but we do ask that your child has a familiarity with using the bathroom somewhat independently.  Children are free to wear pull-ups to the program.

How do I register my child? 

Register at the main reception desk at the Highland Park Community Center any-time the facility is open:  Mon-Thurs from 9a-9p, Fri 9a-5:30p, Sat 10a-5:30p, Sun 1p-5p

What is the fee payment policy?

Registration Fees are due at the time of enrollment.  Tuition is charged on a weekly schedule and is due on the first day of the week that your child attends the program, and before service is provided – service will be denied until payment is rendered. A copy of your payment schedule will be provided. Fees are still charged if your child is absent from the program – this includes sick and impromptu vacation days.

Credit/Debit Card Authorization – Families opting to make use of this benefit will have their payment for the following week of care charged on the Friday before. Payment will be collected using the card indicated when registering – please notify Staff of any changes regarding this authorization.  Late Fees are due the same day they are charged.

What is the attendance change policy? 

All requests should be submitted to the Front Desk: M-Th 2:00-9:00PM, F 9:00AM-5:30PM  Adding Dates:  Parents/Guardians may add days at any time if space is available and provided they are added at least a day in advance of service – day of requests may not be honored.  Cancelation/Withdrawal of Registered Dates: Cancellation of registered dates will not be allowed – as such, be sure to register for only the dates of care that are necessary.  Requests to switch a day to a future new day, are allowed if requested 7 days in advance and provided space is available. There are no guarantees that these requests will be honored.

Can I schedule a classroom visit with the teacher? 

Yes!  Just call the main reception desk, and staff will coordinate schedules.  We can’t wait to meet you!  651-695-3706.

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance is available to qualifying families through the Basic Sliding Fee Child Care Assistance Program. For more information, contact:

Ramsey County Think Small
Ph: 651-641-0305