Success Stories

khalique right trackKhalique R. - Wells Fargo

Khalique Rogers was no stranger to work before interning with Wells Fargo. His first jobs were city-funded positions in afterschool programs for children, but after graduating from high school, he was ready for a new level of independence and challenge. Wells Fargo wanted YJPro-level interns: 18-year-olds with strong experience and an interest in the banking industry.

Right Track recruited Khalique for a position in Wells Fargo’s summer internship program, and the bank took it from there. They provided him and two other Right Track interns with 80 hours of teller training, including customer services skills. Khalique then worked 35 hours per week throughout the summer where he was a natural addition to Megan Sablak’s team: “He caught on fast.”

Both Khalique and Megan learned from the experience of working together. Khalique says his variety of work experiences not only make his resume look good, but they also helped shape his career path. “I could see what I liked and didn’t like, and what opportunities were available.” His supervisor, Megan, learned that people fresh out of high school can work in a business-like job and be really good at it. “In fact, he was so good at it that she hired him on to stay with her team after his internship ended.” Would Khalique tell his friends about Right Track? “Of course. I’ve been telling them already!”

carlita right trackCarlita H. - City of Saint Paul, Public Works

Central High School Student

Monica Beeman, Traffic Engineer with the city’s Public Works Department, had a job that needed doing. She needed someone to walk around downtown and gather data on parking spaces. Carlita, student at Central High School, had customer service skills from her past job and a curiosity about engineering. The two were a perfect match. During her internship, Carlita learned how to put data into a spreadsheet and apply her math skills in a real-world setting. She impressed her supervisor with her strong communication skills and she gained connections that she knows will help her in the future. After getting a better understanding of engineering careers, Carlita realized, “This is what I want to do.” Monica enjoyed the opportunity to hire a young person for a project that added value to her organization. For a supervisor, Right Track offered an opportunity “to show the true delight you can have in a job that interests you and you get paid to do.”


chayeng right track​Chayeng M. - Metropolitan Council

Central High School Student

Pat Born, Regional Administrator of Metropolitan Council, was one of the first employers to sign on for the Right Track internship pilot. He committed to several positions, seeing the opportunity for his organization. One of those interns was Chayeng who was matched with Mark Linnell, an information systems manager. Mark understood that a successful experience required a balance of mentoring on his part and accountability on Chayenga’s. During Chayenga’s internship, he assisted the IT asset management team with scheduled replacement and decommissioning of IT electronics and related tasks. Mark praised the weekly training sessions Chayeng received through Right Track. “When Cha came to work he was professional, receptive and respectful. It’s neat when you see somebody that young already prepared for a professional work environment.”


yasenia right trackYesenia G. - Ecolab

Humboldt High School Student

Expert tip on placing interns: Find internal champions. Jamice Obianyo, Director of Community Relations at Ecolab, knew there was an endless supply of opportunities for high school students at Ecolab. What may be harder to find were individuals motivated to supervise an intern during busy summer months. Jamice found internal champions like Donna Esch. Donna jumped at the chance to have an intern. Donna saw it as a chance to reach out and mentor a student, as well as give a young person the opportunity to participate in important projects and gain professional work experience. Right Track matched Donna with Yesenia. Yesenia took ownership of cataloguing the artwork in Ecolab’s large corporate campus. She located pieces, took photographs, and entered information into a database. Donna saw Yesenia grow more comfortable and confident throughout her internship, taking pride in what she was doing. “Through Right Track, everybody benefits.”

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