2019 Amendment

On February 20, 2019, the Saint Paul City Council adopted the amended Gold Line Station Area Plans, with changes from the 2015 version primarily focused on updating the preferred White Bear station location so it aligns more closely with Hazel Street.  The amended 2019 version replaced the 2015 version, and is an addendum to the Comprehensive Plan that guides development and public realm improvements around the five proposed Gold Line Bus Rapid Transit stations on Saint Paul's east side.

2015 Actions

The Saint Paul City Council adopted the Gold Line Station Area Plans, including associated amendments to the Comprehensive Plan and Saint Paul Bicycle Plan (see page 12 of the Plans), and decertified the Sun Ray-Suburban Small Area Plan on October 7, 2015.  There are two appendices referred to in the document: a summary of the Sun Ray Design Workshop event, and a market study conducted by HR&A Advisors.  The City Council also adopted the associated rezonings of 246 properties on October 14, 2015.

For context of the amendments to other plans, you may view the full 2030 Comprehensive Plan here and the full Bicycle Plan here. The Sun Ray-Suburban Small Area Plan that has been decertified can be viewed here.


The Gold Line (formerly known as the Gateway Corridor) is under study by Metro Transit for Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) from Saint Paul’s Union Depot to Woodbury, generally running along the I-94 corridor. Up to fifteen (15) stations are being considered in Saint Paul, including 10 in downtown, and others in the vicinities of Mounds Boulevard, Earl Street, Etna Street, White Bear Avenue/Hazel Street, and the Sun Ray shopping center. The City of Saint Paul undertook a Station Area Planning process in order to take full advantage of this major potential transportation investment. In April 2014, the Planning Commission appointed the Gold Line Station Area Planning Task Force and authorized the planning study.  The Task Force's recommendations were forwarded to the Planning Commission, who in turn made a recommendation to the City Council.


Last Edited: March 18, 2019