Date Agenda Action Minutes Approved Minutes & Public Hearing Comments Packets Planning Commission Retreat
01/13/17 MEETING CANCELED        
01/27/17 Agenda Action Minutes 01/27/17 Approved Minutes 01/27/17
PED ED Strategy presentation
Zoning Information
PED's 2016-2018 Economic Development Strategy 
02/10/17 Agenda Action Minutes 02/10/17 Approved Minutes 02/10/17
8-80 Conclusion 
St. Paul Bike Plan presentation
Update St. Paul Bike Plan 
Planning Director's Report on 2016 Achievements and 2017 Projects
02/24/17 Agenda Action Minutes 02/24/17 Approved Minutes 02/24/17
Alt. Financial presentation 
Miss. River Critical Area Rulemaking presentation
Zoning Information
Alternative Financial Estab. Zoning Study
03/10/17 Agenda Action Minutes 03/10/17 Approved Minutes 03/10/17
Central Station Presentation

Zoning Information
Central Station Block Design Guidelines
Alternative Financial Estab. Zoning Study

03/24/17 Agenda Action Minutes 03/24/17 Approved Minutes 03/24/17
Palace Theater presentation
Zoning Information
04/07/17 Agenda Action Minutes 04/07/17 Approved Minutes 04/07/17
River Balcony presentation
Zoning Information
River Balcony Master Plan
Snelling Avenue South Zoning Study
04/21/17 Agenda Action Minutes 04/21/17 Approved Minutes 04/21/17
Central Station Block Design present.
Alternative Financial Estab. present.
Snelling Avenue South presentation
Short Term Rental/ZoneAmend.pres.

Central Station Block Design Guidelines
Alternative Financial Estab. Zoning Study
Zoning Information
Short Term Rental Study/Zoning Amendments
Saint Paul Bicycle Plan

05/05/17 Agenda
Revised Agenda 
Action Minutes 05/05/17 Approved Minutes 05/05/17 05/05/17
Alternative Financial Estab. Zoning Text Amendments
05/19/17 Agenda  Action Minutes 05/19/17

Approved Minutes 05/19/17
River Balcony Presentation
South Snelling Ave Presentation
Ford Site Presentation 
River Balcony public hearing written testimony 
Snelling Ave WrittenComments-Support 
Snelling Ave WrittenComments-Opposed


Zoning Information 
Central Station Block Design Guidelines 
Neighborhood STAR Apps-Comp Plan Conformance
Neighborhood STAR Applications
Ford Site Zoning & Public Realm Plan 

06/02/17 Agenda 
Revised Agenda
Action Minutes 06/02/17 Approved Minutes 06/02/17
Short Term Rental Presentation
Short Term Rental Written Comments
PDF icon Planning Commission staff presentation on DRAFT Ford plan 6-2-17.pdf

06/02/17 packet 
Zoning Information

06/16/17 Agenda Action Minutes 06/16/17 Approved Minutes 06/16/17
Capitol Area Parking Study
06/16/17 packet
Zoning Information
06/30/17 Agenda Action Minutes 06/30/17 Approved Minutes 06/30/17

06/30/17 packet
Memo w/ Ford Site Comments - June 23, 2017
Ford Site Affordable Housing Considerations memo
Zoning Committee Information
Snelling Ave South Zoning Study

07/14/17 Agenda Action Minutes 07/14/17 Approved Minutes 07/14/17


07/14/17 packet
Zoning Committee Information
Short Term Rental Study/Zoning Amendments
Minor Text Amendments for Water Resources
07/28/17 Agenda Action Minutes 07/28/17 Approved Minutes 07/28/17
Safe Routes to School presentation
07/28/17 packet
Zoning Committee Information
Commercial Development District: Firehouse Bar
Safe Routes to School Plan
Rush Line Locally Preferred Alternative
Draft Ford Site Master Plan presentation (with minor updates to correct typos)
08/11/17 Agenda Action Minutes 08/11/17 Approved Minutes 08/11/17 08/11/17
Zoning Committee Information
Zoning Code Chapter 65 Text Amendments
Short Term Rental Update 08/08/17
08/25/17 Agenda Action Minutes 08/25/17 Approved Minutes 08/25/17
2040 Comp. Plan Update Presentation
St Paul Market Watch Report
Zoning Committee Information


09/22/17 Agenda Action Minutes 09/22/17 Approved Minutes 09/22/17
Wind & Solar Power Presentation
2040 Comp Plan Update: Aging Community
Zoning Committee Information
Sustainable Power(Wind &Solar) Zoning Code Amendments
10/06/17 Agenda Action Minutes 10/06/17 Approved Minutes 10/06/17 10/06/17
Zoning Committee Information
10/20/17 Agenda

Action Minutes

Approved Minutes 10/20/17
Downtown Vitality Vision Presentation
Zoning Committee Information
Listening House Appeal
Minor Text Amendments - Chapter 65
11/03/17 Agenda Action Minutes 11/03/17 Approved Minutes 11/03/17
Wind & Solar Power Presentation
Wind & Solar Public Hearing Written Testimony
2040 Comprehensive Plan: Parks Chapter
Zoning Committee Information
11/17/17 MEETING IS CANCELED        
12/01/17 Agenda Action Minutes 12/01/17 Approved Minutes 12/01/17
Southport Industrial Dist presentation
2040 Comprehensive Plan: Draft Water Chapter presentation
Zoning Committee Information
Southport Industrial District Study
12/15/17 Agenda Action Minutes 12/15/17

Approved Minutes 12/15/17
Heritage-Cultural Preservation Chapter presentation 
Great River Passive Presentation

Zoning Committee Information 
Sustainable Power Wind/Solar Zoning Code Amendments
Union Park Community Plan 
12/29/17 Agenda Action Minutes 12/29/17 Approved Minutes 12/29/17 12/29/17
Zoning Committee Information 

Last Edited: January 26, 2018